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Radical Democrats attack both life and family with Infanticide Act


Today, hundreds of Massachusetts citizens rallied on Beacon Hill.

They gave up their day in order to speak on behalf of the most voiceless and vulnerable in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

They came to Beacon Hill asking their legislators to refuse to capitulate to the extreme Infanticide Act, legislation introduced by radicals who favor abortion up to – and even beyond – the moment of birth.

Because the left wing of the Democrat Party has a stranglehold on the state Legislature, these citizens know they are carrying a heavy load against the lobbyists and power brokers.

They know all too well that if you want to defeat the Infanticide Act, you will be climbing steeply uphill to convince Beacon Hill Democrats about the intrinsic value of life.

The Infanticide Act will justify more late-term or partial birth abortions, and even opens the way to born-alive victims suffering painful post-abortion deaths – something that until recently was universally condemned as infanticide.

Another grave concern is the radical Democrats’ complete disregard for parental rights and family communication. The Infanticide Act shreds the last vestige of family connection, as it mandates that our youngest teenagers can access abortion without ever consulting family or parents.

Clearly, this extreme measure constitutes an all-out assault on both life and family.

I urge lawmakers to withdraw their support.

Jim Lyons

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman