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MassGOP Chair Condemns Boston City Council’s Cancellation of Museum Program Hearing

MassGOP Chair Condemns Boston City Council’s Cancellation of Museum Program Hearing

March 11, 2024


On Friday, former Wu staffer and Boston City Councilor Henry Santana canceled a committee hearing that would have solicited public feedback on expanding Mayor Wu’s museum pilot program to encompass all Boston children.


MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on the city council’s recent actions, stating, “One can draw a correlation between City Councilor Santana’s decision to cancel this hearing and his loyalty to his former boss, Mayor Wu. It is apparent that children who do not align with Mayor Wu’s narrative are being excluded, and there seems to be no immediate inclination to extend the program to encompass all Boston children. A mayor should not perpetuate divisions among children based on where they go to school. If a proposition such as free museum visits for Boston children is put forth, it should inherently encompass all children without exception. This sentiment likely resonates with the majority of Boston residents, a fact that would become apparent in a public hearing on the subject. Nonetheless, the members of Wu’s voting bloc within the city council are doing what they can to avoid public comment from residents.”


“In February, Erin Murphy proposed a resolution to the city council that would advocate for the expansion of the free museum initiative to all Boston children. This resolution was also rebuffed by one of the Mayor’s former employees, now City Councilor, Sharon Durkan. A discernible pattern is emerging of these former Wu staffers advancing the Mayor’s agenda within the city council. The situation becomes even more transparent when Santana struggles to offer a substantial rationale for the cancellation beyond ‘Reason for cancellation: This hearing has been canceled.’ When pressed further, councilors assert the need for ‘more data.’ Councilor Ed Flynn hit the nail on the head when he said that he doesn’t need data to tell him that families are being excluded,” Carnevale concluded.