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Donald Trump Secures All Massachusetts Republican Delegates

Donald Trump Secures All Massachusetts Republican Delegates

March 5, 2024


Massachusetts residents voted today to allocate all 40 delegates to Donald Trump ahead of the Republican National Convention in July.  Under party rules, any candidate winning more than 50% of the vote in Massachusetts will receive all delegates (winner-take-all) at the convention.  Voters also approved a new slate of 80 Republican State Committee Members.


MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on the results stating, “Congratulations to former President Donald Trump, who has secured a win in Massachusetts and will receive our delegates in Milwaukee. We extend our gratitude to all those voters supporting other Republican presidential candidates for making their voices heard, and we look forward to working together as a party in the months ahead to ensure Joe Biden is not re-elected.”


Carnevale continued, “At the State Committee level, I look forward to getting back to the hard work of building our party and electing more Republicans at all levels of government.  Citizens in Massachusetts deserve two-party government, and we aim to continue the hard work necessary to bring back more checks and balances.  I congratulate all candidates who ran for office in Massachusetts today.  Our Commonwealth is better because these citizens have stepped forward to serve our party and represent their communities.”


“The significant number of Democrats who requested Republican ballots for this primary underscores the prevailing sentiment among residents regarding the shortcomings of the policies of the Biden and Healey-Driscoll Administration. Democratic leaders should interpret this election outcome as a clear indication that residents are frustrated with their approach and lack of action on critical issues affecting both the United States and the Commonwealth,” Carnevale concluded.