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MassGOP Calls for Fairness in Boston’s Museum Initiative

MassGOP Calls for Fairness in Boston’s Museum Initiative

March 1, 2024


Boston City Councilor Shannon Durkan, formerly a staffer for Mayor Wu, intervened to prevent two city councilors from moving to vote on extending the free museum initiative to include charter school and homeschool children.


Chairwoman Amy Carnevale criticized Durkan’s actions stating, “This situation reflects a classic Boston party boss mentality. Councilor Durkan, who previously worked for the Mayor and was endorsed by her, appears to simply fall in line with the Mayor’s decisions. The exclusion of charter school children from this initiative raises questions about political motivations driving the decision-making process.”


“When it comes to policies concerning children, politics should not be a factor. Charter school students are still public school students, and it’s unfair to exclude them from initiatives simply because of political differences, particularly when it affects children,” Carnevale concluded.