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Chairwoman Amy Carnevale’s Statement on the Healey Administration’s Revenue Shortage


January 8, 2024


Boston – “The verdict on Governor Healey’s fiscal irresponsibility is in: our state lacks revenue and a sense of competitiveness. The Healey Administration is currently grappling with the repercussions of all-too-high taxes and the excessive spending on migrant housing. We simultaneously are observing a steady decline in Massachusetts residents. This mass departure aligns with the state’s six-month revenue decline, underscoring the administration’s failure in budget management and immigration policies.”


“Addressing the revenue crisis in Massachusetts requires a strategic approach,” said Chair Carnevale. “A collaborative effort with Republicans is imperative to formulate and implement sensible economic policies that prioritize our residents’ bottom lines. Fiscally responsible solutions are essential – not only to retain current residents, but also to attract new ones, ultimately contributing to the state’s economic prosperity.” she added


“It is imperative that we amend the Right to Shelter Law to protect our cities and towns from unfunded federal mandates in the form of limitless inflows of migrants. We must curtail our excessive spending on migrant housing and restore balance to the budget. Otherwise, Massachusetts residents are the ones paying to bandage the problem. Inaction only sustains the issue of overspending on migrant housing, making it a perpetual spending loop.”


“The past six months serve as a stark reminder that without a change in course, the Commonwealth’s competitiveness will remain subpar.” concluded Carnevale