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MassGOP Questions Ethics of Wolohojian’s Confirmation to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

MassGOP Questions Ethics of Wolohojian‘s Confirmation to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

February 28, 2024


Today, the Governor’s Council voted 6-1 to confirm Gabrielle Wolohojian to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Wolohojian‘s approval process was swift and nearly unanimous, despite unanswered questions relating to her past romantic relationship with Governor Healey, who submitted the nomination and who will have a vested interest in many cases before the Court.


MassGOP Chairwoman Amy Carnevale, remarked on the confirmation stating, “The entire process appears to have been a rubber stamp rather than a serious examination of important ethical considerations. Governor Healey’s search committee, from the outset, consisted of a tight-knit inner circle. Many legal scholars continue to believe that it is wholly inappropriate for a Governor to nominate a former romantic partner to a court that will rule on matters pertaining to their office.”


“While Wolohojian served on the appeals court, she consistently recused herself from any cases involving the attorney general’s office during Maura Healey’s tenure. Yet, when pressed about recusals, Wolohojian indicated it would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Why should issues related to the Governor’s office be treated differently?” Carnevale continued.


“What’s perhaps even more unsettling is that a member of the Governor’s Council expressed feeling ‘uncomfortable’ asking questions about Wolohojian‘s past relationship with the Governor regarding the issue of recusal. Prioritizing personal comfort over public duty as elected officials is alarming. Such omission raises serious concerns. Elected officials cannot afford to be fearful or uneasy when making difficult decisions on behalf of the residents of the Commonwealth when the Governor is involved,” stated Carnevale.


“This process epitomizes the real challenges the state encounters under one-party rule. Unchecked rubber-stamp government results in poor policy and decisions, such as the approval of Wolohojian to Massachusetts’ highest court. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to residents, emphasizing the necessity of electing more Republicans to positions. Better representations will ensure that Democrats cannot simply steamroll policies and make questionable appointments without any real form of oversight,” Carnevale concluded.