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MassGOP Chair Challenges Democratic Supermajority: What Are They Hiding?

MassGOP Chair Challenges Democratic Supermajority: What Are They Hiding?

March 27, 2024


Yesterday, State Auditor Diana DiZoglio appeared before legislators on the Committee on Initiative Petitions to defend her ballot question proposal to audit the legislature. To no one’s surprise, Democrats pushed back against the initiative and went on the offensive on DiZoglio’s character and motives. The Democratic supermajority intends to do everything in their power to avoid a performance audit despite the overwhelming support from residents.


MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on Democrats’ opposition to the ballot question stating, “If the Democratic Supermajority truly stands behind their legislative procedures, they ought to welcome an audit. An audit would quell ethical concerns and validate their purported efficiency. What exactly is the Democratic supermajority hiding?”


“With the Democratic supermajority’s frequent moves to executive sessions and the legislature’s exemptions from open records laws, there’s very little ability to hold our elected officials accountable. It’s unfortunate that residents are forced into auditing their own legislature, but with the Democratic supermajority’s lack of transparency and disinterest in legislating publicly, they have left residents with no choice,” Carnevale concluded.