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The Massachusetts Republican Party is committed to building a freer, stronger, and more prosperous Commonwealth for everyone. By promoting our conservative values of limited government, free enterprise, and strong communities, we can make Massachusetts a better place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family.



We believe that free enterprise, low taxes, and fewer regulations are the best ways to grow our economy in order to create good, high-paying jobs across Massachusetts. 



We believe that our world-class education system is one of our state’s strongest assets, and that we must offer families more educational choices in order to increase opportunity for all.



We believe that local government is the most accountable and closest to the people, and that communities should have the freedom to make decisions about what is best for their residents.



We believe in an accountable government that respects taxpayers by measuring success not simply by how much money is spent on a problem, but by real results.



The MassGOP is dedicated to building our Party in every corner of the Commonwealth by supporting and investing in the grassroots. 

MassGOP Staff

To reach any of the MassGOP staff, please call 617-523-5005 or email us at info@massgop.com.


Amy Carnevale, Chairman


John Milligan, Executive Director

Logan Trupiano, Communications Director
Haley Jones, Director of State Giving and Events

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