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MassGOP Highlights Concerns over Mayor Wu’s Administration


January 9, 2024


Boston, MAFollowing Mayor Wu’s State of the City Address, the MassGOP released the following statement:


“During her State of the City Speech, Mayor Michelle Wu attempts to showcase a rosy picture of a giant expansion of affordable housing and unprecedented spending. However, the harsh reality of her tenure tells a far less flattering tale.” Noted Amy Carnevale, Chairwoman of the Mass GOP


“Michelle Wu has become one of the most controversial and divisive mayors Boston has ever seen. Despite Wu’s initial promise to be a unifier, she has divided communities through both her rhetoric and actions,” said Carnevale


“Mayor Wu has surrounded herself with far-left ideologues, striving to implement policy objectives on the local level that have proven impractical for the city. Her decision to transform Summer Street, a major connector to Downtown Boston, into a single-lane thoroughfare to accommodate a solitary bus and bike route has resulted in longer commute times. This is just an example of the mayor making residents’ lives harder in order to push her objectives,” Carnevale continued.


“It’s clear that the Wu Administration is not on the same page as the hardworking Bostonians who have made the city one of the most desirable places to live in the US.” Carnevale concluded.