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MassGOP Urges Immediate Action as Roxbury Migrant Shelter Reaches Capacity

MassGOP Urges Immediate Action as Roxbury Migrant Shelter Reaches Capacity

February 8, 2024



The “temporary” migrant shelter at the Roxbury Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex has nearly reached capacity just a week after its opening. Now, the state is considering a building in Boston’s Seaport as the next overflow shelter location. All the while, Democrats can’t get on the same page to properly address the migrant crisis.


MassGOP Executive Director, John Milligan stated “In just a week, the overflow shelter in Roxbury reached its capacity. Migrants are coming into Massachusetts at a rapid rate. Despite this, there’s been no effort from the Governor to curb the influx. Now, there’s consideration of using part of a building in Fort Point, even though it lacks basic amenities like showers. We know throwing money at the problem doesn’t solve anything; it merely perpetuates the issue while depleting local resources. Without Democrats supporting amendments to the Right to Shelter Law, this crisis shows no signs of abating. Democrats have proven they can’t fix this problem.”


“Consider yesterday, when Maura Healey urged Congress to take action, only for Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey to vote against the legislation Healey supports. While Massachusetts residents grapple with the crisis daily, top Democrats are engaged in political games resulting in spending hundreds of millions of Massachusetts taxpayer dollars, even though they have the ability to resolve this issue right in front of them. We cannot afford to act only when it’s too late,” Milligan concluded.