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MassGOP Calls for Special Election in Plymouth 6th

MassGOP Calls for Special Election in Plymouth 6th 

February 14, 2024


The MassGOP calls for a Special Election to fill the vacant 6th Plymouth Representative seat. MassGOP Chairwoman Amy Carnevale has commented on the delay by Democrats in reaching a decision.


“It is standard procedure that when a seat becomes vacant before the conclusion of the term, a special election is called. I’m not sure why Speaker Mariano is delaying. The voters of the Plymouth 6 district deserve to have representation on Beacon Hill with as little interruption as possible, and the Mass GOP is calling for a special election as soon as possible to achieve that goal,”  stated Carnevale.


“If Democrats refrain from calling for a special election, it’s evident that their decision is politically motivated. There’s no other justification for delaying. Republicans have won both of the recent special elections, and it’s apparent that Democrats are growing weary of our momentum,” Carnevale concluded.