Get involved with the GOP in your community! Use the resources below to get in touch with your local Republican Town or City Committee. If you live in a city, look up your ward here

(Note: this list is reflective of Town and Ward Committees who have submitted Form CPF-101 to OCPF. The MassGOP updates this page based on the current list available from OCPF. If you have questions or concerns about the information that is listed below, please contact

Committee NameChair NameChair Contact Info
Abington Republican Town CommitteeR. Andrew Burbine781-871-7999
Acton Republican Town CommitteeDavid Lunger781-775-9922
Adams Republican Town CommitteeJohn R. Cowie, Jr.413-743-2688
Agawam Republican Town CommitteeRobert Magovern 
Amesbury Republican Town CommitteeDavid Haraske978-985-2203
Amherst Republican Town CommitteeNicholas Consolini413-627-2712
Andover Republican Town CommitteeJohn F. Moffitt978-474-4339
Arlington Republican Town CommitteeSean Harrington781-859-7263
Ashburnham Republican Town CommitteeTyler Spencer774-345-0170
Ashby Republican Town CommitteeScott Sweeney978-386-0171
Ashland Republican Town CommitteeJon A. Fetherston508-816-6674
Athol Republican Town CommitteeJeffrey T. Stewart918-440-0825
Attleboro Republican City CommitteeJames Dilisio508-838-7328
Attleboro Ward 1 Republican CommitteeFrancis Chip Faulkner 
Attleboro Ward 2 Republican CommitteeSusan Blais 
Attleboro Ward 3 Republican CommitteeSandy Cook 
Attleboro Ward 4 Republican CommitteeHoward Bibeault 
Attleboro Ward 5 Republican CommitteePaul Dion 
Attleboro Ward 6 Republican CommitteeJohn Hanrahan 
Auburn Republican Town CommitteeGeoffrey R. McElroy 
Avon Republican Town CommitteeShawn Parker 
Ayer Republican Town CommitteeMontel B. Wilder 
Barnstable Republican Town CommitteeDonald C. Lynde508-428-2579
Bedford Republican Town CommitteeAimee Voleti617-686-2994
Belchertown Republican Town CommitteeGerald A. Grasso413-323-0997
Bellingham Republican Town CommitteeLawrence J. Sposato, Jr.508-928-1363
Belmont Republican Town CommitteeTommasina Olson617-489-2828
Berkley Republican Town CommitteeCherise Kratsa-Hoak508-823-3187
Beverly Republican City CommitteeJames Avallon978-273-7167
Beverly Ward 2 Republican CommitteePaul Fitzgerald978-239-0459
Beverly Ward 4 Republican CommitteePeter A. Davekos978-927-7411
Beverly Ward 6 Republican CommitteeScott Hayes978-232-3938
Billerica Republican Town CommitteeAnthony M. Ventresca978-667-6623
Blackstone Republican Town CommitteeRyan Chamberland774-573-3439
Bolton Republican Town CommitteePeter A. Smith781-771-9234
Boston Ward 1 Republican CommitteeJoseph Steffano, Jr.617-567-8918
Boston Ward 10 Republican CommitteeKate Moody434-806-2056
Boston Ward 11 Republican CommitteeDaryl Lobban917-495-1101
Boston Ward 12 Republican CommitteeSteven Burns617-777-7542
Boston Ward 13 Republican CommitteeClaudette Joseph 
Boston Ward 14 Republican CommitteeTimothy C. Wilson617-361-1676
Boston Ward 15 Republican CommitteeLien T. Nguyen617-615-1546
Boston Ward 16 Republican CommitteeKaren L. MacNutt781-963-6337
Boston Ward 17 Republican CommitteeThomas Cross857-251-1168
Boston Ward 18 Republican CommitteeRegla Gonzalez617-327-6760
Boston Ward 19 Republican CommitteeEleanor Greene617-429-2858
Boston Ward 2 Republican CommitteeBarbara Bush617-241-8643
Boston Ward 20 Republican CommitteeMichael Scully617-327-0064
Boston Ward 21 Republican CommitteeGeovanie Radcliffe617-869-9348
Boston Ward 22 Republican CommitteeHenry Luthin 
Boston Ward 3 Republican CommitteeBrian Sergenian 
Boston Ward 4 Republican CommitteeCurtis Seberowski 
Boston Ward 5 Republican CommitteeWilliam H. Schulz, Jr.617-523-2938
Boston Ward 6 Republican CommitteeWilliam F. Pitman 
Boston Ward 7 Republican CommitteeKaitlyn Sprague 
Boston Ward 8 Republican CommitteeBrunilda Juarbe617-369-2419
Boston Ward 9 Republican CommitteeJessica Roey 
Bourne Republican Town CommitteePeter G. Fisher774-238-0008
Boxborough Republican Town CommitteeChristine Casebolt978-263-4720
Boxford Republican Town CommitteeIna Bankes978-887-3588
Boylston Republican Town CommitteeBonnie Johnson508-335-5273
Braintree Republican Town CommitteeSean E. Powers781-727-9408
Brewster Republican Town CommitteeDavid Danish508-367-2986
Bridgewater Republican Town CommitteeSandra M. Wright508-243-7789
Brockton Republican City CommitteeLawrence P. Novak781-600-1566
Brockton Ward 1 Republican CommitteeLawrence P. Novak781-600-1566
Brockton Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDanny J. Yoon508-577-8838
Brockton Ward 3 Republican CommitteeAlan D. Greene508-584-2258
Brockton Ward 4 Republican CommitteeJoseph Warren508-583-1474
Brockton Ward 5 Republican CommitteeMichael Deyoung617-510-9858
Brockton Ward 6 Republican CommitteeMalinda Candora508-265-2767
Brockton Ward 7 Republican CommitteeWilliam Hogan508-510-4631
Brookfield Republican Town CommitteeStephen J. Comtois II508-867-3442
Brookline Republican Town CommitteeElizabeth Childs617-734-4026
Burlington Republican Town CommitteePaul Girouard 
Cambridge Ward 1 Republican CommitteeNicholas Bayer 
Cambridge Ward 5 Republican CommitteePaul Watson617-864-2890
Cambridge Ward 9 Republican CommitteeJim Sullivan 
Canton Republican Town CommitteeLawrence Overlan781-821-5939
Carlisle Republican Town CommitteeDouglas A. Stevenson978-815-6161
Carver Republican Town CommitteePaul W. Bain508-866-5566
Charlton Republican Town CommitteeJoanne Powell508-248-5871
Chatham Republican Town CommitteeDiane Dugan Bronsdon508-945-9218
Chelmsford Republican Town CommitteeDelores Miller978-251-3953
Chelsea Republican City CommitteeTodd Taylor 
Chelsea Ward 1 Republican CommitteeYarixa Vargas 
Chelsea Ward 2 Republican CommitteeRobert C. Griffin617-438-7331
Chelsea Ward 3 Republican CommitteeCharles Klauder617-797-0278
Chelsea Ward 4 Republican CommitteeTodd Taylor617-872-3174
Chicopee Republican City CommitteeRobert Sirois413-636-6874
Chicopee Ward 1 Republican CommitteeDouglas Lyman413-593-0281
Chicopee Ward 2 Republican CommitteeThomas Dygdon413-592-3680
Chicopee Ward 4 Republican CommitteeMichael Baron413-427-1056
Chicopee Ward 5 Republican CommitteeNikita Zaharov413-355-0888
Chicopee Ward 6 Republican CommitteeSergio Amaral413-433-5116
Chicopee Ward 8 Republican CommitteeDonald Roy617-5831-5808
Clinton Republican Town CommitteeDavid J. Baird978-337-6629
Cohasset Republican Town CommitteeJack Creighton781-383-9206
Concord Republican Town CommitteePatricia A. Hackmer978-369-1825
Dalton Republican Town CommitteeRobert Trapnell413-329-1676
Danvers Republican Town CommitteeMark M. Mezzina978-618-2652
Dartmouth Republican Town CommitteeJanine Simmons508-944-5307
Dedham Republican Town CommitteeAdrienne Albani339-206-3574
Dennis Republican Town CommitteeRobert C. Chamberlain508-362-6262
Dighton Republican Town CommitteeDaniel F. Ajoue781-708-6696
Douglas Republican Town CommitteeTracy Sharkey774-262-4882
Dover Republican Town CommitteeGrant Stephen 
Dracut Republican Town CommitteeBrian Genest978-957-8585
Dudley Republican Town CommitteeJohn J. Marsi, Jr.978-618-8400
Duxbury Republican Town CommitteeWilliam James Fahey617-794-7616
East Bridgewater Republican Town CommitteeMyles C. Heger508-245-5685
East Longmeadow Republican Town CommitteeMary L. Jenewin-Caplin413-530-0644
Eastham Republican Town CommitteeChristine E. Blanda508-255-5061
Easthampton Republican Town CommitteeAlexandria Moynihan413-527-2289
Easton Republican Town CommitteePatrick McCarthy508-272-6612
Everett Republican City CommitteeCynthia D. Loreto617-686-1433
Everett Ward 2 Republican CommitteeCynthia DiLoreto617-686-1433
Fairhaven Republican Town CommitteeKim Hyland508-992-5081
Fall River Ward 9 Republican CommitteeCharles Chase, Jr.508-678-7453
Falmouth Republican Town CommitteeJenny Bruce508-457-1787
Fitchburg Republican City CommitteeJohn Strang978-345-0055
Fitchburg Ward 3 Republican CommitteeAndrew Couture 
Fitchburg Ward 4 Republican CommitteeDan H. Mylott 
Fitchburg Ward 5 Republican CommitteeNathan J. LaRose860-367-6614
Fitchburg Ward 6 Republican CommitteeLouis Marino978-831-8300
Foxborough Republican Town CommitteeRaffaella Zizza-Feinstein508-698-9095
Framingham Republican Town CommitteeEdward Bergin McGrath508-820-9696
Franklin Republican Town CommitteeJames V. Gianotti, Jr.508-520-9545
Gardner Republican City CommitteeMark Hawke978-630-4555
Gardner Ward 2 Republican CommitteeStephen Varteresian 
Gardner Ward 3 Republican CommitteeDeanna Ballentine 
Gardner Ward 5 Republican CommitteeChristine Johnson 
Georgetown Republican Town CommitteeAnne Tentindo 
Gloucester Republican City CommitteeAmanda O. Kesterson978-559-9404
Gloucester Ward 1 Republican CommitteeSteven Melanson 
Gloucester Ward 2 Republican CommitteeAdam Curcum 
Gloucester Ward 3 Republican CommitteeAmanda O. Kesterson 
Gloucester Ward 4 Republican CommitteeDoug Parsons 
Gloucester Ward 5 Republican CommitteeLinda Charpentier 
Grafton Republican Town CommitteeWayne Hutchinson-Fontana774-262-4634
Greenfield Republican Town CommitteeGeorge D. Gohl413-774-3959
Groton Republican Town CommitteeDeirdre Slavin-Mitchell508-320-6994
Groveland Republican Town CommitteeMichael Wood978-835-9204
Halifax Republican Town CommitteeJohn Shiavone 
Hamilton Republican Town CommitteeJanet Aldrich978-468-7888
Hampden Republican Town CommitteeJames D. Smith413-244-4606
Hancock Republican Town CommitteeNolan M. Hickey518-225-8423
Hanover Republican Town CommitteeRIchard J. Mattes617-653-3524
Hanson Republican Town CommitteeMichele Mills781-447-3247
Hardwick Republican Town CommitteePeggy Bacon508-769-7451
Harvard Republican Town CommitteePeter Duckett978-844-3225
Harwich Republican Town CommitteePeter S. Hughes508-432-7512
Haverhill Republican City CommitteeMeredith L. Landrum978-494-4450
Haverhill Ward 1 Republican CommitteeCharles H. Stearns 
Haverhill Ward 2 Republican CommitteeCharles R. Early 
Haverhill Ward 3 Republican CommitteePaul A. Ferguson 
Haverhill Ward 4 Republican CommitteePatrick W. Goureault 
Haverhill Ward 5  Republican CommitteeShaun P. Toohey 
Haverhill Ward 6 Republican CommitteeMaura Ryan Ciardiello 
Haverhill Ward 7 Republican CommitteeRichard P. Early, Jr. 
Hingham Republican Town CommitteeLaura Marwill781-749-8753
Holbrook Republican Town CommitteeArthur C. George781-7671018
Holden Republican Town CommitteeShane Surrette774-364-4605
Holliston Republican Town CommitteeFrederick Carnes508-429-4964
Holyoke Republican City CommitteeRichard Berrena413-534-0303
Holyoke Ward 3 Republican CommitteeTheresa Mitrowski413-588-1592
Holyoke Ward 5 Republican CommitteeLinda Vacon533-6498
Holyoke Ward 6 Republican CommitteeKevin A. Jourdain413-538-5519
Holyoke Ward 7 Republican CommitteeJennifer Chateauneuf 
Hopedale Republican Town CommitteePaul M. Yanovitch508-478-2262
Hopkinton Republican Town CommitteeKen Weismantel508-435-5725
Hubbardston Republican Town CommitteeRene M. Lafayette978-820-1056
Hudson Republican Town CommitteeChuck S. Kuniewich978-562-3320
Hull Republican Town CommitteeCatherine R. Caloia781-925-1456
Kingston Republican Town CommitteePeter Boncek781-585-6151
Lakeville Republican Town CommitteeCarl D. Peirce508-946-1825
Lancaster Republican Town CommitteeNathaniel C. Hawkins, III978-368-1504
Lanesborough Republican Town CommitteeRobert A. Reilly413-443-6153
Lawrence Republican City CommitteeDavid A. Camasso978-685-8935
Lawrence Ward B Republican CommitteeEnrique Matos978-835-9018
Lawrence Ward E Republican CommitteeEleanor B. Fulgione978-688-8066
Lawrence Ward F Republican CommitteeSusan Laplante978-683-6910
Lee Republican Town CommitteeThom Swift413-243-6737
Leicester Republican Town CommitteeJohn J, McNaboe Jr.508-725-4953
Leominster Republican City CommitteeGwen Meunier508-344-5057
Leominster Ward 1 Republican CommitteeJohn Sousa508-331-4656
Leominster Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDeborah Toivonen 
Leominster Ward 3 Republican CommitteeRichard Palmieri757-289-2460
Leominster Ward 4 Republican CommitteeCharles Milhans978-549-0188
Leominster Ward 5 Republican CommitteeJacques Perrault978-408-3123
Lexington Republican Town CommitteeAlan V. Seferian617-515-5921
Lincoln Republican Town CommitteeStephen Binder 
Littleton Republican Town CommitteeDebra Livernois978-486-0005
Longmeadow Republican Town CommitteeAnastasios G. Angelides413-530-1348
Lowell Ward 1 Republican CommitteeClifford R. Krieger978-835-2598
Lowell Ward 11 Republican CommitteeWilliam Rawnsley978-459-2915
Lowell Ward 2 Republican CommitteeJames A. Pope419-460-3296
Lowell Ward 3 Republican CommitteeMaureen McInerney 
Lowell Ward 4 Republican CommitteeStephen McCarron978-454-3910
Lowell Ward 6 Republican CommitteeThomas A Wirtanen 
Ludlow Republican Town CommitteeMark Imbody774-692-0315
Lunenburg Republican Town CommitteeMichael P. Clark978-770-3359
Lynn Republican City CommitteeJohn Krol617-515-9849
Lynn Ward 1 Republican CommitteeDoreen C. McCaul781-727-6146
Lynn Ward 2 Republican CommitteeRichard Starbard781-858-9485
Lynn Ward 3 Republican CommitteeNancy Vestal781-910-6754
Lynn Ward 4 Republican CommitteeEdward L. Lynch781-599-3752
Lynn Ward 7 Republican CommitteeMichael Stanley781-593-8577
Lynnfield Republican Town CommitteeElizabeth Kant781-334-9809
Malden Ward 2 Republican CommitteeEugene Pinkham781-222-1830
Malden Ward 3 Republican CommitteeGeorge Perivolarakis508-251-9288
Manchester Republican Town CommitteeByron L. Winn617-510-0113
Mansfield Republican Town CommitteeChristine Leemon508-339-4829
Marblehead Republican Town CommitteeW. Rolfe Lofmark781-631-0933
Marion Republican Town CommitteeMatthew W. Nowick508-748-3303
Marlborough Republican City CommitteePaul R. Ferro 
Marlborough Ward 1 Republican CommitteeJames Giroux774-249-1917
Marlborough Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDouglas Wambolt 
Marlborough Ward 5 Republican CommitteeEric Williams 
Marlborough Ward 6 Republican CommitteeNicki Moore774-249-3076
Marlborough Ward 7 Republican CommitteeTodd Beauchemin508-317-6345
Marshfield Republican Town CommitteeJoseph Dennis McMath508-662-0796
Mashpee Republican Town CommitteePhyllis Sprout508-477-2553
Maynard Republican Town CommitteeKarl Hilli774-230-3097
Medfield Republican Town CommitteeDaniel J. Shea508-359-2756
Medford Republican City CommitteeMathew M. Avella III781-305-4883
Medford Ward 1 Republican CommitteeLawrence LePore 
Medford Ward 2 Republican CommitteeMichael J. McGlynn 
Medford Ward 3 Republican CommitteeJudith Marcella617-894-3322
Medford Ward 4 Republican CommitteeRichard A. Grant781-391-4624
Medford Ward 5 Republican CommitteeBernard J. Green781-396-5327
Medford Ward 6 Republican CommitteeDavid M. Goodine781-488-6401
Medford Ward 8 Republican CommitteeLaurence F. Brown781-664-3004
Medway Republican Town CommitteeLeanne Harris 
Melrose Republican City CommitteeChristian J. Hashem781-539-3455
Melrose Ward 1 Republican CommitteeCynthia A. Silveira781-662-9199
Melrose Ward 2 Republican CommitteeMatthew Kosinski 
Melrose Ward 3 Republican CommitteeChristian J. Hashem857-312-4956
Melrose Ward 4 Republican CommitteeEdward R. Gangwisch407-340-2685
Melrose Ward 5 Republican CommitteeGeorge S. Hickey 
Melrose Ward 6 Republican CommitteePatrick Mattuchio617-905-5371
Melrose Ward 7 Republican CommitteeFrancis J. Goodhue781-665-5555
Mendon Republican Town CommitteeMark Reil774-571-2079
Methuen Republican Town CommitteeGregory J. L’Heureux978-687-4451
Middleborough Republican Town CommitteePeter Fuller508-947-1383
Middleton Republican Town CommitteeJames Hannon Jr.978-836-7308
Milford Republican Town CommitteeChristopher Kivior774-551-6656
Millbury Republican Town CommitteeFrank V. Irr508-865-5136
Millis Republican Town CommitteeMarc Conroy 
Millville Republican Town CommitteeCameron Russell508-446-0240
Milton Republican Town CommitteeJanet J. Irwin617-322-1777
Monterey Republican Town CommitteeMark JJ. Makuc413-528-1382
Nahant Republican Town CommitteeMary C. Livingston781-599-5515
Nantucket Republican Town CommitteeAldona Hamel508-325-7743
Natick Republican Town CommitteePatricia Sciarra774-279-0440
Needham Republican Town CommitteeTed Owens781-710-1161
New Bedford Ward 3 Republican CommitteeHarvey Ussach508-998-1757
Newbury Republican Town CommitteeLinda D. Allen978-815-1928
Newburyport Republican City CommitteeColleen Fallon978-270-3794
Newburyport Ward 1 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newburyport Ward 2 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newburyport Ward 3 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newburyport Ward 4 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newburyport Ward 5 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newburyport Ward 6 Republican CommitteeColleen Fallon978-255-1721
Newton Republican City CommitteeTom Mountain617-953-4125
Newton Ward 1 Republican CommitteeMark Cestari 
Newton Ward 2 Republican CommitteeEd Prince244-2087
Newton Ward 3 Republican CommitteeTraute Marshall617-332-6866
Newton Ward 4 Republican CommitteeJoshua Gary Norman617-688-4031
Newton Ward 5 Republican CommitteeSusan Huffman617-359-4223
Newton Ward 6 Republican CommitteeDebra Shapiro 
Newton Ward 7 Republican CommitteeMark McConnell617-935-5381
Newton Ward 8 Republican CommitteeTom Mountain953-1425
Norfolk Republican Town CommitteeDonna DiCenso617-448-0987
North Andover Republican Town CommitteeCharles J. Gangi978-360-0600
North Attleboro Republican Town CommitteeCatherine Roman617-697-9833
North Reading Republican Town CommitteeJeffrey Yull978-276-0367
Northborough Republican Town CommitteeKimberly A. Shepherd508-667-4178
Northbridge Republican Town CommitteeBrian Massey608-641-5690
Norton Republican Town CommitteeFrancis S. Kimball, Jr.978-806-1205
Norwell Republican Town CommitteeRichard A. Merritt781-659-4553
Norwood Republican Town CommitteeColleen Padden781-864-4642
Oak Bluffs Republican Town CommitteeLinda Mott-Smith508-292-8432
Orange Republican Town CommitteeRay Younghans978-544-6674
Orleans Republican Town CommitteePeter O’Meara508-240-2195
Oxford Republican Town CommitteeRobert Amaral 
Paxton Republican Town CommitteeMargaret A. Pennace508-767-1577
Peabody Republican City CommitteeBukia Chalvire617-797-4436
Peabody Ward 1 Republican CommitteeLeah Cole978-595-2755
Peabody Ward 2 Republican CommitteeTravis Wojcik978-210-2989
Peabody Ward 3 Republican CommitteeStephanie Peach978-979-5462
Peabody Ward 4 Republican CommitteeJarrod Hochman617-281-6494
Peabody Ward 5 Republican CommitteeJohn DeRosa, Jr.978-587-2201
Pembroke Republican Town CommitteeDebbie M. Flanagan781-293-9770
Pepperell Republican Town CommitteeCharles P. Walkovich508-776-2137
Pittsfield Ward 4 Republican CommitteeBeverly Moncy413-443-1222
Pittsfield Ward 6 Republican CommitteeVictor Alvarado413-841-5034
Plainville Republican Town CommitteeNicholas Sammarco 
Plymouth Republican Town CommitteePatrick O’Brien508-494-4254
Princeton Republican Town CommitteeJoseph O’Brien 
Quincy Republican City CommitteeNorman E. Tuttle617-429-7749
Quincy Ward 1 Republican CommitteeNorman E. Tuttle617-429-7749
Quincy Ward 2 Republican CommitteeRussell Theriault617-797-5078
Quincy Ward 3 Republican CommitteeMaryann C. Flaherty857-526-3193
Quincy Ward 4 Republican CommitteeStephen Tougas617-347-2010
Quincy Ward 5 Republican CommitteeKerry J. Byrne617-797-0408
Quincy Ward 6 Republican CommitteeDaniel Dewey617-770-1523
Raynham Republican Town CommitteeWilliam F. Palmer508-813-7891
Reading Republican Town CommitteeKarl Weld781-710-0601
Rehoboth Republican Town CommitteeFredrick Vadnais774-259-6960
Revere Republican City CommitteeGlen LaCedra339-532-9547
Revere Ward 1 Republican CommitteeGlenn P. Lacedra339-532-9547
Revere Ward 2 Republican CommitteeLouis Guevara-Flores781-346-1593
Revere Ward 3 Republican CommitteeAnthony T. Zambuto617-680-4062
Revere Ward 4 Republican CommitteeAlan Linick617-240-6510
Revere Ward 5 Republican CommitteeLaura Rigas617-329-1784
Revere Ward 6 Republican CommitteeJonathan A. Mitchell978-767-6179
Rochester Republican Town CommitteeSteven Shepley508-763-9559
Rockland Republican Town CommitteeJared Valanzola617-827-3457
Rockport Republican Town CommitteeJonathan E. Ring781-632-1579
Rutland Republican Town CommitteeDavid Congdon 
Salem Republican City CommitteeJohn L. Hayes978-745-0505
Salem Ward 1 Republican CommitteeRussell Vickers978-239-7328
Salem Ward 2 Republican CommitteeR. Scott Hiltunen978-744-6511
Salem Ward 3 Republican CommitteeJ. Michael Freedburg978-210-1197
Salem Ward 4 Republican CommitteeJoseph Furneti II 
Salem Ward 5 Republican CommitteeDouglas Sanville978-745-2854
Salem Ward 6 Republican CommitteeEdward P. Purtz, Jr.978-807-7623
Salem Ward 7 Republican CommitteeShaun Pasdon 
Salisbury Republican Town CommitteeMarshall Maguire978-462-0701
Sandwich Republican Town CommitteeAndrea Killion508-539-3117
Saugus Republican Town CommitteeJames J. Harrington781-233-2166
Scituate Republican Town CommitteeLaurie Withrow781-801-8313
Seekonk Republican Town CommitteeEvan Berwick508-336-8484
Sharon Republican Town CommitteeSue Price781-793-7878
Shelburne Republican Town CommitteeVincent Matthew Marchese413-824-9882
Sherborn Republican Town CommitteeZachary D. Spilman617-388-1023
Shirley Republican Town CommitteeBrian Hildebrant 
Shrewsbury Republican Town CommitteeMindy McKenzie-Hebert508-736-7723
Somerville Republican City CommitteeBrian McCarthy 
Somerville Ward 3 Republican CommitteeJames L. Dolan781-799-6974
Somerville Ward 4 Republican CommitteeBrian McCarthy774-634-6035
Somerville Ward 5 Republican CommitteeLaura DeAmato 
South Hadley Republican Town CommitteeConnor Wall413-537-7453
Southampton Republican Town CommitteeMark Perez413-203-1019
Southborough Republican Town CommitteeJack Barron508-624-4251
Southbridge Republican Town CommitteeMichael Jaynes508-764-6555
Southwick Republican Town CommitteeRobert W. Horacek569-3616
Springfield Republican City CommitteeKency Gilet413-883-7603
Springfield Ward 2 Republican CommitteeKency Gilet413-883-7603
Springfield Ward 4 Republican CommitteeEllen Wade413-739-5165
Springfield Ward 5 Republican CommitteeRobert Olson413-426-9595
Springfield Ward 6 Republican CommitteeAimee Hyland 
Springfield Ward 7 Republican CommitteeThomas A. McCarthy413-782-3661
Sterling Republican Town CommitteeJohn Westbrook978-422-8974
Stockbridge Republican Town CommitteeDouglas J. Rose413-298-4620
Stoneham Republican Town CommitteeCaroline Colarusso781-438-5720
Stoughton Republican Town CommitteeVaughan Enokian 
Stow Republican Town CommitteeMichael Matatia978-461-2989
Sturbridge Republican Town CommitteeMichael W. Young508-347-5180
Sudbury Republican Town CommitteeDeAnna Bisson978-460-5070
Sutton Republican Town CommitteeAnthony Fattman774-272-3639
Swampscott Republican Town CommitteeDana Swanstrom781-927-9388
Taunton Republican City CommitteeScott E. Rodrigues508-558-5318
Taunton Ward 1 Republican CommitteeMaria Collins508-824-9409
Taunton Ward 2 Republican CommitteeJoshua Borden508-254-6416
Taunton Ward 3 Republican CommitteeSteve Torres508-922-8222
Taunton Ward 4 Republican CommitteeDavid Littlefield508-824-7711
Taunton Ward 5 Republican CommitteeRichard Robinson508-823-3735
Taunton Ward 6 Republican CommitteeJoanne Weldon508-822-1102
Taunton Ward 7 Republican CommitteeEdward M. O’Connell508-823-4417
Taunton Ward 8 Republican CommitteeBrian S. Kennedy508-451-0874
Tewksbury Republican Town CommitteeRuth J. Chou978-459-7499
Tisbury Republican Town CommitteeJames G. Osborn774-563-0955
Topsfield Republican Town CommitteeRenato Mastrogiovanni617-875-9313
Townsend Republican Town CommitteeRichard S. Shuford978-597-1852
Upton Republican Town CommitteeKenneth Glowacki508-529-6445
Uxbridge Republican Town CommitteeJennifer Modica508-278-7363
Wakefield Republican Town CommitteePeter J. Solomon781-632-6543
Wales Republican Town CommitteeLinda M. Valanzola413-244-8826
Walpole Republican Town CommitteeVictor H. Scena508-277-6036
Waltham Republican City CommitteeElizabeth D’Amato781-330-4786
Waltham Ward 1 Republican CommitteeDiane A. Parry781-893-3491
Waltham Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDebra Skaltsis781-894-7551
Waltham Ward 3 Republican CommitteeMichael R. Squillante 
Waltham Ward 4 Republican CommitteeMatthew D. Halloran617-489-2551
Waltham Ward 5 Republican CommitteeLenore Karaian781-899-2175
Waltham Ward 6 Republican CommitteePeter O’Callaghan781-893-3970
Waltham Ward 8 Republican CommitteeEvelyn Reilly781-893-1849
Ware Republican Town CommitteeRobert Bruso413-277-0022
Wareham Republican Town CommitteeMark Swan781-775-7767
Washington Republican Town CommitteeStephanie Case413-281-2494
Watertown Republican Town CommitteeJohn C. DiMascio617-285-8376
Wayland Republican Town CommitteeJohn C. Toto508-380-5932
Webster Republican Town CommitteeTyler Spencer508-414-7937
Wellesley Republican Town CommitteeCarl G. Nelson781-929-9095
Wenham Republican Town CommitteePaul E. Mendonca978-468-4444
West Boylston Republican Town CommitteeRichard Miller678-977-1316
West Bridgewater Republican Town CommitteeMark E. Churchill508-243-2218
West Newbury Republican Town CommitteeScott Fallavollita 
West Springfield Republican Town CommitteeAaron Davenport413-478-5101
Westborough Republican Town CommitteeJames A. Hatherley508-366-9409
Westfield Republican City CommitteeDan Allie413-455-6186
Westfield Ward 1 Republican CommitteeRene Laviolette413-562-1454
Westfield Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDan Allie413-455-6186
Westfield Ward 3 Republican CommitteeAndrew Renfro413-896-6043
Westfield Ward 4 Republican CommitteeMark Butler413-579-4732
Westfield Ward 5 Republican CommitteeStephen Ryan413-579-5003
Westfield Ward 6 Republican CommitteeCheryl Crowe413-533-3372
Westford Republican Town CommitteeKathleen Lynch978-692-5756
Westminster Republican Town CommitteeDenise L. MacAloney978-874-5706
Weston Republican Town CommitteeDick Hersum 
Westport Republican Town CommitteeMichelle Orlando508-454-7354
Westwood Republican Town CommitteeJohn McDonald 
Weymouth Republican Town CommitteeH. Richard Coughlin781-335-0717
Whitman Republican Town CommitteeBrian J. Bezanson617-750-1630
Wilbraham Republican Town CommitteeDavid Sanders413-330-0452
Williamstown Republican Town CommitteeSteven J. Miller617-835-3982
Wilmington Republican Town CommitteeJohn P. Goggin978-430-0441
Winchester Republican Town CommitteeDaniel Nakamoto781-721-5767
Winthrop Republican Town CommitteePaul Caruccio617-846-1900
Woburn Republican City CommitteeCharles E Doherty 
Woburn Ward 1 Republican CommitteeAnn Paladino781-354-3775
Woburn Ward 2 Republican CommitteeEvan Rice781-690-2850
Woburn Ward 3 Republican CommitteeJacquelyn A. Wells 
Woburn Ward 6 Republican CommitteeEdward A. Tedesco 
Woburn Ward 7 Republican CommitteeJeffrey Semon 
Worcester Republican City CommitteeDonna Colorio508-450-0104
Worcester Ward 1 Republican CommitteeDonna Colono508-450-0104
Worcester Ward 10 Republican CommitteeJacqueline Kostas508-753-8816
Worcester Ward 2 Republican CommitteeDebora McCarthy508-853-7118
Worcester Ward 3 Republican CommitteeJohn Papas508-981-9666
Worcester Ward 5 Republican CommitteeJames Duncanson508-755-5473
Worcester Ward 6 Republican CommitteeJohn Rogers508-579-2185
Worcester Ward 7 Republican CommitteePaul J Fuller508-277-2650
Worcester Ward 9 Republican CommitteePaul J. Franco508-272-5927
Wrentham Republican Town CommitteeMary G. Hepburn617-820-3336
Yarmouth Republican Town CommitteeFran Manzelli508-965-7631