Get involved with the GOP in your community! Use the resources below to get in touch with your local Republican Town or City Committee. If you live in a city, look up your ward here

(Note: this list is reflective of Town and Ward Committees who have submitted Form CPF-101 to OCPF. The MassGOP updates this page based on the current list available from OCPF. If you have questions or concerns about the information that is listed below, please contact

Committee Name Chair Name Chair Contact Info
Abington Republican Town Committee R. Andrew Burbine 781-871-7999
Acton Republican Town Committee David Lunger 781-775-9922
Agawam Republican Town Committee Mario Tedeschi 413-789-9145
Amesbury Republican Town Committee David Haraske 978-985-2203
Amherst Republican Town Committee Nicholas Consolini 413-627-2712
Andover Republican Town Committee John F. Moffitt 978-474-4339
Arlington Republican Town Committee Sean Harrington 781-859-7263
Ashburnham Republican Town Committee Mary Gagnon 978-827-6750
Ashby Republican Town Committee Scott Sweeney 978-386-0171
Ashland Republican Town Committee Jon A. Fetherston 508-816-6674
Athol Republican Town Committee Jeffrey T. Stewart 918-440-0825
Attleboro Republican City Committee Jeffrey R. Bailey 774-219-9118
Attleboro Ward 1 Republican Committee Jeffrey R. Bailey 774-219-9118
Attleboro Ward 2 Republican Committee Susan Blais
Attleboro Ward 3 Republican Committee Sandy Cook
Attleboro Ward 4 Republican Committee Howard Bibeault
Attleboro Ward 5 Republican Committee Paul Dion
Attleboro Ward 6 Republican Committee John Hanrahan
Auburn Republican Town Committee Geoffrey R. McElroy
Avon Republican Town Committee Shawn Parker
Ayer Republican Town Committee Montel B. Wilder
Barnstable Republican Town Committee Donald C. Lynde 508-428-2579
Bedford Republican Town Committee Aimee Voleti 617-686-2994
Belchertown Republican Town Committee Gerald A. Grasso 413-323-0997
Bellingham Republican Town Committee Lawrence J. Sposato, Jr. 508-928-1363
Belmont Republican Town Committee Tommasina Olson 617-489-2828
Berkley Republican Town Committee Cherise Kratsa-Hoak 508-823-3187
Beverly Republican City Committee James Avallon 978-273-7167
Beverly Ward 2 Republican Committee Paul Fitzgerald 978-239-0459
Beverly Ward 4 Republican Committee Peter Davekos 978-927-7411
Beverly Ward 6 Republican Committee Scott Hayes 978-232-3938
BIllerica Republican Town Committee Anthony M. Ventresca 978-667-6623
Blackstone Republican Town Committee Ryan Chamberland 774-573-3439
Bolton Republican Town Committee Peter A. Smith 781-771-9234
Boston Ward 1 Republican Committee Joseph Steffano Jr. 617-567918
Boston Ward 2 Republican Committee Barbara Bush 617-241-8643
Boston Ward 3 Republican Committee Brian Sergenian
Boston Ward 4 Republican Committee Curtis Seberowski
Boston Ward 5 Republican Committee William H. Schulz Jr. 617-523-2938
Boston Ward 6 Republican Committee William F. Pitman
Boston Ward 7 Republican Committee Kaitlyn Sprague
Boston Ward 8 Republican Committee Brunilda Juarbe 617-369-2419
Boston Ward 9 Republican Committee Jessica Roey
Boston Ward 10 Republican Committee Kate Moody 434-806-2056
Boston Ward 11 Republican Committee Daryl Lobban 917-495-1101
Boston Ward 12 Republican Committee Steven Burns 617-777-7542
Boston Ward 13 Republican Committee Claudette Joseph
Boston Ward 14 Republican Committee Timothy C. Wilson 617-361-1676
Boston Ward 15 Republican Committee Lien T. Nguyen 617-446-5818
Boston Ward 16 Republican Committee Karen L. MacNutt 781-963-6337
Boston Ward 17 Republican Committee Thomas Cross 857-251-1168
Boston Ward 18 Republican Committee Regla Gonzalez 617-327-6760
Boston Ward 19 Republican Committee Eleanor Greene 617-429-2858
Boston Ward 20 Republican Committee Jordan Maynard
Boston Ward 21 Republican Committee Geovanie Radcliffe 617-869-9348
Boston Ward 22 Republican Committee Henry Luthin
Bourne Republican Town Committee Peter G. Fisher 774-238-0008
Boxborough Republican Town Committee Christine Casebolt 978-263-4720
Boxford Republican Town Committee Ina Bankes 978-887-3588
Boylston Republican Town Committee Bonnie Johnson 508-335-5273
Braintree Republican Town Committee Sean E. Powers 781-727-9408
Brewster Republican Town Committee David Danish 508-367-2986
Bridgewater Republican Town Committee Sandra M. Wright 508-243-7789
Brockton Republican City Committee Lawrence P. Novak 781-600-1566
Brockton Ward 1 Republican Committee Lawrence P. Novak 781-600-1566
Brockton Ward 2 Republican Committee Danny J. Yoon 508-577-8838
Brockton Ward 3 Republican Committee Alan D. Greene 508-584-2258
Brockton Ward 4 Republican Committee Joseph Warren 508-583-1474
Brockton Ward 5 Republican Committee Michael Deyoung 617-510-9858
Brockton Ward 6 Republican Committee Malinda Candora 508-265-2767
Brockton Ward 7 Republican Committee William Hogan 508-510-4631
Brookfield Republican Town Committee Stephen J. Comtois II 508-867-3442
Brookline Republican Town Committee Elizabath Childs 617-734-4026
Burlington Republican Town Committee Paul Girouard