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MassGOP Blasts Democrats’ Selective Silence on Immigration Crisis

MassGOP Blasts Democrats’ Selective Silence on Immigration Crisis

April 3, 2024


Boston– After four ICE arrests of alleged child rapists and a member of MS-13 on Friday, Democrats have chosen to remain silent. It begs the question: why is it that Democrats are frequently the first to request funding and emphasize sympathetic narratives concerning the immigration crisis, yet stay silent when faced with the consequences of their policies? What’s even more troubling is that one of these individuals had been detained and released multiple times by the state before ICE intervened and made the arrests themselves.


MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on the Democratic supermajority’s silence on the arrests stating, “If you want to tell the story of the immigration crisis you have to tell the whole story. Our elected officials pick and choose to comment on specific incidents that advance their own narrative on the crisis. We agree that this issue stems with the Biden Administration’s failures to control immigration at the border, however the policies implemented by the Democratic supermajority have worsened the crisis here in Massachusetts. These five predators should never have been in the United States, and it’s the fault of Massachusetts Democratic elected officials that one of them was continually exposed to the public. The public deserves to know how Democrats let this happen and why they refuse to take steps to make the Commonwealth a safer place to reside.”