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MassGOP Exposes Falsehoods: Misleading Email Targeting Rep. Vaughn’s Voting Record

MassGOP Exposes Falsehoods: Misleading Email Targeting Rep. Vaughn’s Voting Record

March 28, 2024


Days ago, Democratic candidate for Norfolk 9th Legislative Seat, Kevin Kalkut, sent a misleading fundraiser email regarding Representative Marcus Vaughn’s (R – 9th Norfolk) voting record. In the email, Kalkut falsely stated that Representative Vaughn has missed “about 20% of votes this term.”This is patently false as Rep Vaughn participated in 66 of 70 roll call votes in the House of Representatives between February 1, 2023, and November 15, 2023, and has voted on all 8 roll call votes in 2024.


MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale, commented on the misleading email stating, “​​In a time when trust in elected officials is at an all-time low, the MassGOP feels compelled to call out clear fabrications and falsehoods meant to sow seeds of doubt in our elected officials. It’s wholly inappropriate for a candidate to mislead voters about their opponent in an attempt to make gains in a race for elected office.”


Representative Vaughn shared his thoughts regarding his opponents’ insinuation about small business owners holding elected office, stating, “In his email, my opponent suggested that individuals like myself, who are small business owners, shouldn’t be part of the legislature. I strongly disagree with that assertion. It’s crucial that every voice, particularly those of small business owners, is represented in the legislature. Excluding small business owners from the legislative process would overlook vital perspectives. If anything, we need more small business owners in the legislature to combat the Democratic supermajority’s aggressive taxes and regulations of small businesses.”