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MassGOP Responds to Maura Healey’s Irresponsible Budget Proposal


January 24, 2024


Woburn, MAThe past six months have seen a trend of extravagant spending, a lack of proposed solutions for the migrant crisis, and an increase in outward migration of taxpayers. Revenue targets have gone unmet, leading to sweeping cuts affecting our state. With no resolution in sight and a reluctance to address the Commonwealth’s challenges, projections for 2025 indicate a continuation, if not exacerbation, of the revenue shortfall. Despite this, Governor Healey and her administration have put forth a budget that includes an approximate 3% increase for 2025.


“While the Governor touted that she will not raise taxes in the Commonwealth, she has introduced the Municipal ‘Taxation’ Act that would allow municipalities to increase taxes on dining, hotels, and an additional surcharge on cars,” stated MassGOP Chairwoman, Amy Carnevale.


“Instead of channeling the capital gains tax to strengthen the state savings to reinforce and expand our state saving account, the Governor is instead choosing to use $375 million from these taxes to sustain her fiscally irresponsible spending,” said Carnevale.


“Rather than addressing the migrant crisis through effective resolutions, the Healey Administration is attempting a band-aid solution to the issue by proposing an additional expenditure of $325 million from next year’s budget. Additionally, Healey has introduced a supplementary plan aligned with the budget, aiming to allocate approximately $900 million from the state’s surplus account to cover expenses related to the migrant crisis over the next two years. The state’s savings account is meant for unforeseen circumstances, rather than as a remedy for ongoing expenses,” Carnevale continued.


“If this irresponsible budget moves through the legislature unchecked, Governor Healey will lead the State to financial disaster. When a business is facing revenue challenges, the logical course isn’t to increase spending but to scale back, reassess processes, and strive for greater efficiency. Governor Healey’s budget is depleting resources and perpetuating serious problems rather than offering solutions,” concluded Carnevale.