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Mass. Republicans Advocate for Transparency in Gun Legislation Conference Committee

Mass. Republicans Advocate for Transparency in Gun Legislation Conference Committee

March 27, 2024


Today, members of the state House and Senate convened in a conference committee hearing to consider new gun legislation. The conference committee, composed of three legislators from both the House of Representatives and the Senate, is attempting to reconcile the significant differences between House Bill 4139 and Amendment S.2584.


Democratic leaders—in sad-but-expected Beacon Hill fashion—voted to move the hearing into “executive session,” thereby excluding the public and the media from viewing the legislative process. Republican Conference Committee Members, Rep. Joe McKenna (R-Webster) and Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) rightly voted to keep the hearing open to the public.


“The legislation being taken up by the conference committee touches on constitutional rights and the important subject of public safety. This legislation has already been through some parliamentary gymnastics, and it is crucial that future negotiations be given the open, transparent, and public debate that these important matters deserve,” remarked Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr.


Amy Carnevale, Chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party provided comment on the hearing stating, “The negotiations on pending gun legislation ought to be done in the public eye, not in back rooms. Aside from the troubling contents of this legislation, it is appalling that the Democratic Supermajority is seeking to shield these important discussions from the public. When debating legislation with considerable impact on the law-abiding sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts of the Commonwealth, it is imperative that we, the voters, have an idea of how our Senators and Representatives build such controversial and impactful legislation.”