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Statement from Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on new “No on 4” direct mail campaign

The traffic data simply does not support rewarding illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses


Oct. 18, 2022




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WOBURN — A new direct mail advertising campaign launched by the ballot committee opposing the law rewarding illegal immigrants with Massachusetts driver’s licenses rejects a popular Democrat talking point claiming the new policy will make the roadways safer for citizens.


“The Democrats always point to California as proof that granting driver’s licenses to illegals made that state’s roads safer, but the data obtained through several information requests shows that it did exactly the opposite,” Lyons said.


The information, obtained from the California Office of Traffic Safety, indicates that accidents, hit-and-runs, injuries, and fatalities increased dramatically once the law went into effect in 2015.


California hit-and-run statistics


2014 (one year before new law took effect):

Total collisions: 73,046
Fatal collisions: 277
Injury collisions: 15,422
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 57,347
Killed victims: 293
Injured victims:20,042


2015 (year new law took effect):

Total collisions: 84,700
Fatal collisions: 288
Injury collisions: 17,223
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 67,189
Killed victims: 294
Injured victims: 22,200


2017 (two years after new law took effect):

Total collisions: 100,269
Fatal collisions: 344
Injury collisions: 20,537
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 79,388
Killed victims: 360
Injured victims: 26,560


California Total Crash Data


2014 (one year before new law took effect):

Total collisions: 399,565
Fatal collisions: 2,882
Injury collisions: 162,742
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 233,941
Killed victims: 3,126
Injured victims:230,904


2015 (year new law took effect):

Total collisions: 437,941
Fatal collisions: 3,168
Injury collisions: 178,669
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 256,104
Killed victims: 3,435
Injured victims: 254,561


2017 (two years after new law took effect):

Total collisions: 482,003
Fatal collisions: 3,286
Injury collisions: 191,568
PDO (property damage only) collisions: 287,149
Killed victims: 3,590
Injured victims: 274,034



“This is indisputable evidence that offering driver’s licenses to illegals made California’s roads less safe,” Lyons said. “This information should be shared, far-and-wide, with anyone who has fallen for the Democrats’ misinformation campaign claiming that their new law will lead to less accidents on Massachusetts roads.”


“This data, combined with concerns about illegal voting as a result of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles’ policy of auto-enrolling anyone who obtains a driver’s license, tells me that this law is nothing but a Democratic Party Trojan horse intended to bring us another step closer to sanctuary state status. If you value the safety of our roads and the integrity of our elections, the only choice is to vote no on question 4.”