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Second governor’s debate “all about how one-party rule will wreck Massachusetts”

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: “Pay attention to Maura Healey’s divisive record of using her office for political attacks and not her imaginary claims of ‘teamwork.'”


Oct. 20, 2022




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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons is urging viewers of tonight’s gubernatorial debate between Republican nominee Geoff Diehl and General Maura Healey to disregard the Democrat’s “imaginary claims of teamwork” and consider her record as attorney general instead.


“Geoff Diehl would be wise to make it a point to remind voters of the fact that at no point in history has the Massachusetts office of the attorney general been as politicized as it has under the leadership of Maura Healey,” Lyons said. “She has used her office to carry out the bidding of the national Democratic Party, to punish policymakers she disagrees with, and to shield her fellow Democrats from accountability.


“A Maura Healey administration in the corner office would bury Massachusetts under one-party rule.”


Lyons noted the 100-plus lawsuits Healey filed against GOP President Donald Trump, the lack of any investigations into a single Democrat despite having access to a wealth of evidence, and her boasts during the primary about shutting down key natural gas pipelines.



“Voters watching tonight’s debate will be hearing a lot of false claims from the Healey campaign about her record, but that’s just intended to distract from the Democrats’ disastrous economic policies and the divisions they’ve created by pandering to the far left,” Lyons said. “There’s nothing that the Democrats and Maura Healey won’t exploit to further their power.”