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Say no to TCI

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WOBURN — Whacking commuters’ wallets at the gas pump, this time as part of the so-called Transportation and Climate Initiative, will be opposed at every turn by the Massachusetts Republican Party, Chairman Jim Lyons announced Tuesday. 

“As a legislator, I opposed all efforts to increase taxes, and as a party, it is time for Republicans to stand up and loudly say ‘no’ to these regressive proposals,” Lyons said. “All schemes to hit up hardworking Massachusetts taxpayers for more money will be met with opposition from the MassGOP.” 

Lyons issued his comments days after Beacon Hill House Democrats, under the direction of Speaker Robert DeLeo, voted to increase the gas tax by five cents (20 percent) and the diesel tax by nine cents (38 percent). 

On Tuesday, a new study revealed that the TCI proposal will likely raise the gas tax by 26 cents, while other elements of the proposal’s carbon reduction plan could cost the state 9,600 private sector jobs in the first year alone, while burdening the average Massachusetts household with an added $738 annual expense.

“We’ve seen time and time again under President Donald Trump the economic benefits of reducing regulations and cutting taxes,” Lyons said, pointing out that last month’s employment report saw more than 273,000 new jobs created nationally. “We’ve also seen time and time again the amount of bad government spending in Massachusetts, where tax dollars are wasted on paying for more and more bureaucracy and less results.

“It’s time to say no to TCI.”