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Republican Gardner mayor endorses incumbent Democrat; MassGOP chairman blasts career politicians covering for career politicians

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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on Friday blasted Gardner Mayor Michael J. Nicholson, a Republican, after the pol announced his endorsement of state Rep. Jonathan Zlotnik, a Democrat, over his Republican challenger, Iraqi War veteran Bruce Chester.

Lyons called it “classic career politician hackery,” and cited a mailer from Zlotnik’s campaign that landed in voters’ mailboxes touting Nicholson’s endorsement and boasting about a host of budget earmarks, including $87,000 in tax money to pay for the installation of several hybrid vehicle charging stations in downtown Gardner. 

“Neither Mayor Nicholson nor Rep. Zlotnik has ever worked a real job in their lives, so of course they’re going to brag about how great they are at spending your money,” Lyons said. “Meanwhile, we have a candidate in Bruce (Chester) who led a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, is a teacher, and won’t use his position on Beacon Hill to bankroll pet projects. 

“Never confuse activity for accomplishment. The fact is, Rep. Zlotnik hasn’t accomplished anything — he’s just another ‘yes man’ for House Speaker Bob DeLeo. Rep. Zlotnik will keep raising your taxes to pay for pet projects, he’s already voted to hand over gas tax authority to unelected bureaucrats, and he’ll keep doing it unless we elect Bruce (Chester) to stop this pattern of pilfering the taxpayers.”