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New MassGOP advertising campaign exposes Maura Healey for proud role in shutting down natural gas pipelines

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: “With heating and electrical bills projected to soar to record highs, Massachusetts families can thank Attorney General Maura Healey.”


Oct. 7, 2022




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WOBURN — “Remember, I stopped two gas pipelines from coming into this state.”


That was Attorney General Maura Healey’s boast several years ago after energy provider Kinder Morgan abandoned plans to bring more natural gas to Massachusetts.


With energy costs projected to skyrocket this winter, Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons is working to remind voters about Healey and the Democrats’ efforts.


A new advertisement quotes Healey in her own words:


At the time, the Boston Globe described Healey and the Democrats as “winners” following Kinder Morgan’s departure.


“Healey’s office represents the ratepayers and came out with a study last fall asserting that the region over the next 15 years does not need new interstate natural gas pipeline capacity,” the newspaper reported in 2016. “Instead, Massachusetts could meet its additional energy needs through efficiency and demand response programs.”


Lyons said Friday that the political punishment Healey and the Democrats have inflicted over the years upon natural gas providers will now translate to battered bank accounts and broken family budgets.


“Maura Healey and the Democrats have spent years catering to the radical progressives and their ‘green new deal’ political pursuits, and now Massachusetts families will be paying the price,” Lyons. “This advertisement captures Maura Healey bragging about shutting down a clean source of energy that heats homes and keeps the lights on, and she deserves to be reminded of that fact every single day.


“I am asking people to share this video clip far and wide, because the voters deserve to know the truth — the Democrats and Maura Healey prioritized radical progressive politics over the ability of Massachusetts families to afford to pay their energy bills, and this winter is projected to be a devastating indictment of their policies.”