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Minuteman Program set to launch

CONTACT: Evan Lips, communications director
617-523-5005 ext. 245

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Republican Party is launching a program later this month that offers strong GOP candidates a strategic plan designed for success.

Named the Minuteman Program, the strategy involves candidates enrolling in a so-called campaign “boot camp,” where goals are set, progress is tracked, and donors are introduced. 

“We are sharpening our focus on our ultimate goal, which is to elect more Republicans to serve on Beacon Hill,” Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said. “Potential GOP candidates will benefit from our advice, assistance, and consistent approach.

“We’ll help provide them with the tools for success, what they do with it will be up to them.”

Candidates begin the process by completing a questionnaire and formulating a social media plan, district contact list, and finance plan. The MassGOP will then work with candidates to develop and achieve a set of benchmark goals en-route to Election Day.  

“Candidates who enroll in the Minuteman Plan should know that the MassGOP will work with them at every stage of their campaign,” Lyons said. “Minuteman candidates will have access to more strategic advice and resources than ever before.”