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MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: Winter commercial energy costs projected to explode thanks to Maura Healey’s, Democrats’ obedience to socialist “green” lobby

Closer examination of National Grid winter projections shows commercial electricity increases of more than 200 percent


Sept. 28, 2022




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WOBURN — The Democrats’ obsession with kowtowing to radical progressives’ green energy lobby is expected to send small business energy bills “through the stratosphere” Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Wednesday, referencing National Grid’s projection that fixed-price basic service commercial rate will soar to more than 200 percent above last winter’s rates.


“These projections could put small business owners out of business and destroy family budgets,” said Lyons. “When you intentionally cripple other sources of electric power to satisfy left-wing special interests, this is what happens.”


Natural gas is used to generate more than 75 percent of the electricity produced in Massachusetts. Within the last decade, the state shut down top producing coal-based and nuclear power plants in an effort to “go green,” Lyons pointed out, furthering an unhealthy reliance on natural gas — the same fuel source that Democrats are now actively pushing to eliminate.


“The Democrats are indebted to the radical progressives and the “green new deal” lobby and now family budgets will be going into the red this winter,” Lyons said. “Radical progressives like our own Attorney General Maura Healey have championed the elimination of trusted sources of energy and Massachusetts ratepayers are about to suffer effects of which we’ve never seen before.


“Plain and simple, the damage that the Democrats have done to the energy industry is about to decimate the middle and working classes of Massachusetts.”