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MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons statement on post-primary gubernatorial poll results

Emerson College poll shows Republican Geoff Diehl with lead in independent vote over Democrat Maura Healey, with the economy as voters’ top concern


Sept. 9, 2022




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WOBURN — An Emerson College poll of registered Massachusetts voters has found that Republican candidate for governor Geoff Diehl holds a seven point lead in favorability among independents over Democrat Maura Healey, with the status of the economy identified as the top concern by an overwhelming margin, especially among independents.


“One-party rule will devastate the commonwealth economically and in other ways as well, just like we’re seeing in Washington, D.C., where the current president has been reduced to a pandering puppet of the far left,” Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said. “Voters are right to be concerned over that possibility.”


Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons added that the poll results support this assessment and indicate an appetite among independent voters, far and away the largest block of voters in Massachusetts, to dump leftist policymakers like Healey, especially as the economy sputters both nationally and at the state level under the leadership of the Democrats.



“These numbers tell me that a big block of voters fear Democrats like Attorney General Maura Healey are mostly interested in pandering to the far-left’s agenda, just like what’s going on in Washington, and her record shows they have every right to be concerned,” Lyons said. “She’s gone after the energy industry to score political points while working families suffer the effects of soaring fuel costs, and you can bet that the same economic disaster unfolding as a result of the Democrats’ one-party stranglehold in Washington will happen tenfold in Massachusetts if she becomes governor.

“Republicans like Geoff Diehl have shown time and again that they are the only ones who can ultimately lead the way out of the Democrats’ self-created economic malaise. The fact that the economy is the voters’ number-one concern tells me that citizens are frustrated with the Democrats’ socialist-driven agenda, both nationally and here at the state level.”



Lyons stressed that voters are the only thing that stands between what’s happening in Washington and what may occur in Massachusetts.