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MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: Democrats’ biggest fear is having to go on campaign trail and defend giving driver’s licenses to illegals

Points to recent column by WRKO radio host Jeffrey Kuhner: “If the ballot initiative succeeds, Democrats are vulnerable.”


Aug. 18, 2022




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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on Thursday called to attention a recent column penned by WRKO AM-680 radio host Jeffrey Kuhner, who he says “correctly” noted that the leftist blowback referendum signature collectors are receiving has more to do with Democrats’ fears of having to run reelection campaigns on giving illegal immigrants state-issued driver’s licenses than anything else.


“(Jeffrey) Kuhner nailed it,” Lyons said. “If our referendum winds up on the ballot it will energize voters like nothing before, and it will force the Democrats to have to defend something that is indefensible.”


In June, Beacon Hill Democrats successfully voted to override a veto filed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker in response to their legislation that rewards those who are living illegally in Massachusetts with state driver’s licenses. One skeptical Democrat, Dartmouth state Rep. Chris Markey, put it this way during a House session in February when he cautioned his colleagues:


“It (rewarding illegal aliens with driver’s licenses) might be something that prevents someone from getting reelected.”


Fast-forward five months and here’s what Kuhner had to say in his Wednesday column:


“The Democrats are in a full-blown panic. This is why they have resorted to blatant voter intimidation and bullying.”


According to Lyons, Kuhner also pointed out the real reason Democrats were so eager to pass the legislation:


“Yet most importantly, granting licenses to illegal aliens entrenches widespread voter fraud. It is precisely this reason why Democrats passed the legislation. It is election insurance to continue guaranteeing that Massachusetts remains essentially under one-party rule.”


Said Lyons:


“Jeff (Kuhner) is 100 percent right and I’m glad he mentioned the fact that several years ago Democrats made it so that anyone who obtains a Massachusetts driver’s licenses is automatically registered to vote in Massachusetts. When Republicans offered amendments during negotiations that would have authorized a system where town clerks could work with RMV officials to prevent voter fraud, the Democrats dismissed every single one of them.


“That single fact reveals what the Democrats truly think this legislation is all about. It’s not about improving the safety of our roads, it’s about disenfranchising voters, and ensuring their stranglehold on power for many years to come.”