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Massachusetts Republican Party calls on Gov. Baker to resist Democrats’ demands to close the state

CONTACT: Evan Lips, communications director
617-523-5005 ext. 245

WOBURN — The Massachusetts Republican State Committee, along with hundreds of members of the Massachusetts Republican Party, is urging Gov. Charlie Baker to unequivocally resist calls from the Democrats to reverse course and put the commonwealth’s economy back on lockdown. 

In a letter submitted to the governor, co-signed by hundreds of Massachusetts Republicans, MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons wrote that the commonwealth’s business owners “realize the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment — if the public does not trust them and their products, no amount of government intervention will keep them afloat.”

Lyons said Tuesday he’s encouraged by the positive feedback his letter has received. 
“Republicans are working to fight the virus and open the state at the same time,” Lyons said. “We know it can be done safely, and at the same time we know arguably the biggest reason why the Democrats want to keep us locked down. 

“The prolonged stifling of independence and personal responsibility creates a dream scenario for the Democrats — a world dependent upon the state and an endless expansion of government bureaucracy.”

Added Lyons: 

“The solution is never more government. Americans, especially here in Massachusetts, have been busy fighting the spread of this deadly virus, and are more than capable of continuing to do so while at the same time reopening our economy.”

2020-05-26 Letter to Gov Baker by Evan on Scribd