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Massachusetts polls show President Trump surging to a whopping 75-plus point blowout, cementing Republican popularity

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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican primary voters have spoken, and now the Massachusetts Republican Party — with Super Tuesday in its rear view mirror — is going all-in on keeping America great in 2020.

“President Trump’s projected margin of victory in the Massachusetts Republican primary is a statement,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons. “Massachusetts is the one state where his opponent is known to virtually every Republican voter.” 

“The President’s opponent was once the most popular and formidable political figure in the commonwealth, but tonight, Massachusetts Republicans embraced Donald Trump, and those who would splinter and divide the Republican Party have fallen flat once again.” 

Lyons said the projected margin of victory shows voters are justifiably proud of the work President Trump has done restoring America’s greatness. 

“President Trump has delivered on every single promise he made in 2016,” Lyons said. “From securing our borders to presiding over an economy that has connected the most Americans with jobs in history, President Trump has done a phenomenal job.

“And here in Massachusetts, it is President Trump who is leading the charge against the ulta-leftist agenda being promoted by the Radical Democrats on Beacon Hill.”

A partial list of the Democrats’ agenda includes rewarding those who entered the country illegally with driver’s licenses, transforming Massachusetts into a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants, denying medical care to infants born alive following failed abortions, and enacting a graduated tax system that will only serve to further burden Massachusetts taxpayers and drive more businesses out of the state.  

“The Radical Left’s agenda, which President Trump has fought against since his first day in office, stands against everything the Massachusetts Republican Party represents,” Lyons said. “President Trump has fought for Americans, and the Massachusetts Republican Party will continue to fight for President Trump.”

Added Lyons:

“The results are indisputable, Massachusetts Republicans are with President Trump all the way. Donald Trump’s tremendous victory – a landslide victory in the home state of his opponent – sends a resounding message that Massachusetts is Trump country.”

Massachusetts stats since President Trump took office:

  • Jobs created: 116,400
  • Unemployment rate decreased from 3.7% to 2.8%
  • Average tax cut of $1,367
  • 30,761 Bay State residents have come off food stamps