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Massachusetts Dems continue to campaign with BLM activist and Pressley organizer whose racist tirade went viral

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WOBURN: Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons derided the Democrats on Tuesday following Monday’s raucous press conference that saw U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III duck questions about the presence of Boston-based “social justice activist” Monica Cannon-Grant on his Senate campaign.

Cannon-Grant is at the center of a viral video, produced by herself, in which she attacks Republican Rayla Campbell, currently involved in a sticker campaign in her bid to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley. Cannon-Grant’s video focused on Campbell’s interracial family, dismissing Campbell as “melanin-adjacent” while threatening Campbell that “Malcolm X would’ve blown somebody’s head off.” has served as a Pressley campaign organizer. Pressley has likewise refused to address Cannon-Grant’s racist invective.   According to the Herald, “Kennedy ignored Campbell, waiting for police to escort her to the back of the crowd.” The Boston Globe’s coverage of the event made zero mention of Campbell’s decision to call out Kennedy, nor did it mention Cannon-Grant’s presence at the press conference.   “Rayla Campbell showed the kind of courage yesterday that is crucial in confronting the radical left when she chose to call out the Democrat Party’s brand of total hypocrisy face-to-face,” Lyons said. “Rayla went right after them, and the media blackout from every news outlet other than the Boston Herald that covered this press conference is nothing short of shameful.   “Most of the media is working with the Democrats to ignore this with the hope that this all disappears, but Rayla is rightly refusing to let that happen.”’ comments followed his previous criticism of Pressley’s public call for “unrest in the streets,” amid demands to “defund the police” as murder rates continue to climb in major American cities, including in Boston.    Meanwhile, specific voters in Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District can expect this week to receive a set of stickers bearing Campbell’s name.   If at least 2,000 registered voters affix Campbell’s sticker to their ballot’s write-in slot, Campbell will appear as the Republican nominee versus Pressley on 2020 general election ballots.    “The Democrats have proven that they are more interested in policing speech rather than crime, so their arrogance in continuing to use someone like Monica Cannon-Grant on their campaigns is nothing short of staggering,” Lyons said.