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Judicial Watch taking Dedham school administrators to federal court on behalf of coach canned for speaking out as parent 

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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Jim Lyons praised the Washington D.C.-based legal organization Judicial Watch after the group announced it is going to federal court on behalf of a popular Dedham High School football coach dismissed by administrators last month after questioning his 7th grade daughter’s class curriculum.

“Parents should never have to fear losing their jobs for questioning their child’s education,” Lyons said Thursday. “The left is injecting politics into our classrooms, and has shown a commitment to ‘canceling’ anyone who questions their ideology.

“Anyone who is remotely concerned about threats to our First Amendment rights should feel thankful that Judicial Watch is going to bat for Coach (David) Flynn.”

Flynn, a Dedham resident himself, was dismissed less than a month before the start of the rescheduled football season after voicing his concerns to the Dedham School Committee about the ongoing politicization of his 12-year-old daughter’s history class.  Flynn, speaking as a parent, reportedly objected to the instruction of critical race theory, racial identity politics, and inclusion of propaganda distributed by far-left political organizations.

Lyons said Flynn’s treatment, along with rising instances of censorship occurring within the online public square, helped spur the Massachusetts Republican State Committee to adopt a resolution last month condemning all forms of censorship.

Last week the MassGOP went public with a pro-First Amendment campaign aimed at raising awareness of recent threats to free speech.

“The left would rather silence you than have to defend their actions with logic and reason,” Lyons said. “We salute Judicial Watch as defenders of the First Amendment, and we refuse to remain silent.”

Link to Judicial Watch’s federal complaint