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Next up? Infanticide. Say no. A message from MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons


March 27, 2019

Evan Lips
617-523-5005 ext. 245

Say NO to “Infanticide” 

A bill currently before the state Legislature fails the feeblest standard for a decent and humane society. The bill, S.1209 in the Senate and H.3320 in the House, rejects any pretense of offering the most basic humanitarian assistance to fully-developed, fully-born, babies. 

Under the radical infanticide bill, absolutely nothing would be done to protect or even comfort a baby who survives a late-term abortion.

addition, the extreme infanticide bill removes all practical limitations on aborting unborn babies. These abortions are frequently referred to as late-term or partial-birth abortions. 

Another radical measure in the bill eliminates family communication. Teenage children are conferred with complete autonomy in the realm of abortion. Instead, a child ages 12 through 17, or any age, would be permitted to have an abortion, without ever discussing the options with a parent, loved one, or family member. 

Everything is done in secrecy. Even the payment to the abortionist would be made with taxpayer funds without parental consultation or consent. 

Can it really be that a decision by someone under 18 to have an abortion is less significant or traumatizing than smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer, or visiting a tanning salon? 

Have we really come to this? 

Let’s not go down this extreme and dangerous path. Let’s follow a higher road and join together to protect, rather than reject, the least of those among us. 

— Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons