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Dem state rep candidate says he’ll continue acting as union labor lawyer even if elected

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WOBURN — A Democratic candidate for state representative said he’ll continue working as a union labor lawyer even if elected to the Massachusetts House, an arrangement that would violate state law.

Sandwich Democrat Jim Dever confirmed he’d be pursuing this unlawful setup during a recent radio debate with Republican candidate Steve Xiarhos on WXTK radio.

Massachusetts state law is clear:

(c) No state employee shall, otherwise than in the proper discharge of his official duties, act as agent or attorney for anyone other than the commonwealth or a state agency for prosecuting any claim against the commonwealth or a state agency, or as agent or attorney for anyone in connection with any particular matter in which the commonwealth or a state agency is a party or has a direct and substantial interest.

The Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman said Dever’s plans should not surprise anyone familiar with Massachusetts Democrats.

“The Democrats have no respect for the rule of law, none whatsoever,” Lyons said. “This is the party that is for sanctuary statehood, seeks to reward those who illegally cross our borders with driver’s licenses, and dismisses the looting and burning of American cities as ‘how forests grow’.”

Lyons says he questions the loyalty and priorities of a union labor attorney representing clients versus the commonwealth while serving as state lawmaker. He pointed out that legislators are frequently tasked with voting on union contracts, laws, and benefits that affect public employees. The unjust arrangement sought by Dever would represent a clear conflict of interest, Lyons noted.

“Steve Xiarhos dutifully served his community for decades as a police officer,” Lyons said, referencing the West Barnstable Republican’s career in law enforcement. “He respects the rule of law, unlike his Democratic opponent.”