Climate bureaucrat wants to “break the will” of the people he is publicly paid to serve – Massachusetts GOP

Climate bureaucrat wants to “break the will” of the people he is publicly paid to serve

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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Monday he hopes David Ismay, Gov. Charlie Baker’s undersecretary for climate change, will do the right thing and resign after a video went viral of him saying the commonwealth must “break their will” and “turn the screws” on ordinary residents in order to combat global warming.
“I’m glad that Gov. Baker publicly reprimanded Undersecretary Ismay, but quite frankly, he should be dismissed from his job,” Lyons said. “For a public servant to call for “breaking the will” of those who pay his $130,000 salary is inexcusable.
“Undersecretary Ismay’s loose comments sadly provide a window into the thinking of climate change bureaucrats: ‘one way or another, the average person is going to submit to our progressive agenda, or else we’re going to make them pay.’ That mentality is the antithesis of good governing. Nobody elected Undersecretary Ismay to anything.”
Records show that Ismay, a former staff attorney for the left-leaning Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation, earned his law degree from the University of California’s Berkeley School of Law. He later clerked for the historically left-wing Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco before spending almost nine years practicing law in the Bay Area.
“I truly hope he does the right thing and resigns, that way he can go back to California where ordinary people are accustomed to having their will broken.”

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