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Bristol County jail incident has Democrats salivating, launching multiple investigations

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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons weighed in Wednesday on a Bristol County jailhouse riot allegedly sparked by illegal alien inmates refusing COVID-19 testing, after Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson quickly became the target in several announced investigations. 

“On one hand, you have our Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey, who cannot resist an opportunity to use her office to go after anyone and anything remotely connected to President Donald Trump,” said Lyons. “And on the other hand, you have the Democrat-dominated Massachusetts state Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee, also announcing an investigation.” 

“It’s clear to me that both investigations are driven by Democrats with a political agenda, who are salivating over the opportunity to go after someone like Sheriff Hodgson for enforcing the very laws enacted by Congress.” 

Lyons pointed out that Healey’s office has previously called for Massachusetts U.S. District Attorney Andrew Lelling for daring to prosecute a Newton District Court judge for helping an illegal alien facing drug charges evade immigration officials. 

Healey submitted a brief on behalf of the state last September claiming the charges “represent an extraordinary and unwarranted attack on the independence and integrity of our courts.” 
Meanwhile, a chorus of federal lawmakers, led in part by Massachusetts U.S. representatives Ayanna Pressley and Joseph Kennedy III, have also demanded investigations. 

“What all of these demands for investigations have in common is that they have been made by Democrats who obviously have it in for Sheriff Hodgson,” Lyons said. “It’s all too telling that when a group of inmates runs amok and causes $25,000 worth of damages, while putting everyone in that situation in danger, the radical Democrats’ reflexive impulse is to go after Sheriff Hodgson. 

“It’s also telling that when a Salem District Court judge actively put people’s lives in danger by releasing a parade of dangerous felons, one of whom went on to murder a cop in Maine, the same Senate Post Audit and Oversight Committee was nowhere to be seen.” 

Added Lyons: 

“These actions were committed by illegal immigrants inside a prison who refused to cooperate during a public health emergency, deciding instead to destroy the place and try to trigger a riot, and the knee-jerk reaction from the Democrats is to investigate Sheriff Hodgson.”