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Why do Beacon Hill Dems want Planned Parenthood to teach your children about sex?

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WOBURN — The Democrat-led Massachusetts state Senate on Thursday is expected to pass legislation that would foist a Planned Parenthood-crafted sex education curriculum mandate upon the commonwealth’s local school districts. 

“The so-called ‘Act Relative to Healthy Youth’ is nothing more than a cash-grab designed to increase both Planned Parenthood’s bottom line and their influence,” Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said. “Their number-one source of revenue comes from abortions, and with those numbers dropping, this maneuver achieves two things: 

“It allows Planned Parenthood to syphon more taxpayer dollars, and at the same time promotes a reckless curriculum encouraging children to participate in dangerous sexual activity, all under the mask of progressivism.”

Former Planned Parenthood sex educator Monica Cline has even called Planned Parenthood’s sex-ed curriculum as  “the perfect business plan for the lifelong customer.”

On Monday, Democratic lawmakers introduced several amendments. State Sen. Becca Rausch, a Democrat from Needham, introduced an amendment striking a requirement to teach “benefits of abstinence and delaying sexual activity” in favor of a requirement to teach “the potential physical and emotional health outcomes of sexual activity.”

The curriculum targets students as young as 12 years old, yet the age-of-consent law among minors in Massachusetts is 16

“Why would our schools be teaching children something that is clearly a violation of our own existing laws?” Lyons said. 

Examples of the Planned Parenthood “Get Real” curriculum being promoted by Democrats include teaching seventh grade students to protect against sexually transmitted infections by using “non-microwaveable Saran Wrap or a condom cut in half” as a prophylactic for oral sex, and promoting the book It’s Perfectly Normal, which features pornographic cartoon images that Planned Parenthood claims are appropriate for children as young as 10.

“Maybe it’s time that the parents of school-age children let the Legislature know how outrageous this proposal is,” Lyons said. “The only winners in this legislation are Planned Parenthood and the Democrats they shower with campaign donations.”