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RNC Honors MassGOP with Chairman’s Circle Status for Outstanding Achievements

RNC Honors MassGOP with Chairman’s Circle Status for Outstanding Achievements


June 18, 2024


Boston, MAIn a significant demonstration of its growing strength, the Massachusetts Republican Party has been proudly accepted into the prestigious Republican National Committee’s Chairman’s Circle. This esteemed recognition is awarded to state parties that excel in reaching objectives in fundraising, communications, voter outreach, and candidate recruitment. Membership in the Chairman’s Circle represents the third and highest level of recognition awarded to the MassGOP, marking the pinnacle of achievement a state party can attain. 


This achievement is a monumental milestone for the Massachusetts Republican Party, showcasing its robust and dynamic presence in the Commonwealth. It signifies that our efforts are being recognized at the highest levels, affirming our unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic success. The Republican National Committee’s support underscores our strong standing within the national party, highlighting our commitment to advancing Republican values and ensuring continued success in our state and beyond.


MassGOP Chair Amy Carnevale highlighted the party’s recent achievements, stating, “The MassGOP has been working tirelessly to steer our party in the right direction. Our dedicated staff has been committed to revitalizing the MassGOP, transforming the party into a formidable force in the Massachusetts political landscape. This achievement underscores the effort and dedication we have invested in the party since my administration took the reins. While we celebrate this success, we recognize the need to intensify our efforts and continue our relentless pursuit to end one-party rule in the Commonwealth.”


Massachusetts Republican National Committee Members Janet Fogarty and Ron Kaufman congratulated the MassGOP stating, “We extend our heartfelt congratulations and admiration to Chair Carnevale and the dedicated MassGOP team for reaching this remarkable milestone. Their accomplishment is truly extraordinary, given the immense challenge of standing out among the 50 states and 6 territories that make up the RNC. This achievement is a testament to their hard work and unwavering commitment.”