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MassGOP Blasts Boston’s Commercial Real Estate Tax Increase as Business Deterrent

MassGOP Blasts Boston’s Commercial Real Estate Tax Increase as Business Deterrent

June 5, 2024


Boston, MA–In a move that affronts Boston’s business community and further harms its commercial real estate industry, the City Council voted today to approve a request to the state legislature to increase commercial real estate taxes in the city.


MassGOP Chair, Amy Carnevale responded to the vote with the following statement, “The City Council’s decision to disregard the advice of the business community and impose additional burdens on the already struggling commercial real estate industry could deter businesses from choosing Boston as their base. If the legislature allows this, the city risks losing not only tax revenue generated directly from these businesses but also potential tax income from the employees relocating to Boston.”


“From the onset of this debate, Mayor Wu has framed these tax increases as a zero-sum game between homeowners and businesses. This perspective not only oversimplifies the situation but also panders to the progressive politics of pitting residents against businesses. Rather than perpetually expanding the budget, as Mayor Wu has done effectively during her tenure, she should prioritize responsible spending to avoid the need for such tax hikes altogether,” Carnevale continued.


“Furthermore, this tax increase does not even guarantee that property taxes won’t rise in the future, in fact it’s more probable than not. If this measure proceeds, it is likely that business taxes will increase, property taxes will rise soon after, and Mayor Wu’s budget will increase, enabling her to implement costly progressive policy initiatives at the expense and harm of businesses and residents,” Carnevale concluded.