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Xenophobic smear campaign has Rep. Josh Cutler’s tacit approval

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:Evan Lips, communications director617-523-5005 ext. 245 DUXBURY — Tatyana Semyrog, Republican candidate for state representative, issued the following statement regarding a smear campaign launched against her with the apparent tacit approval of her opponent, incumbent Democratic state Rep. Josh Cutler: “The personal attacks being launched by Rep. Cutler’s supporters, who have tried to tear down my faith, my heritage, and my family, are unconscionable. The ugliness of these smears is unfortunately what intimidates capable people from seeking public office. But I am not about to quit. “Rep. Cutler’s supporters believe they can intimidate me into withdrawing from this race. But this race is about more than just me. And this race is too important for me to give in to the mob. “This race is about replacing someone who bowed to the mob when he voted to harm our men and women serving in law enforcement. This race is about replacing someone who is a rubber stamp vote for radical left-wing legislation. This race is about sending a message to Beacon Hill that these tactics and the cowardly career politicians who simply sit back and watch as their online mobs wage these types of personal smear campaigns are a losing formula. “Our campaign is about putting Rep. Cutler’s record under the microscope, and the gutter campaign being waged by his supporters tells me he is uncomfortable defending it.” Semyrog has elected to share several examples of the attacks being condoned by Rep. Cutler. Last names (other than Semyrog’s) have been redacted: