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Worcester Democratic state Rep. LeBoeuf lugged by police during post-budget booze ride

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons calls on AG Maura Healey to investigate Democrats’ budget week culture, activities


April 27, 2022
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WOBURN — A Democratic state rep. caught by police boozing behind the wheel roughly an hour after Tuesday’s budget deliberations ended should immediately trigger an investigation by Attorney General Maura Healey into lawmakers’ budget week behavior, Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Wednesday.
“When Beacon Hill Democrats aren’t spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors, they’re behaving like drunken sailors,” Lyons said. “Thankfully, State Police caught this guy before he was able to hurt anyone.”
According to a State Police arrest report, state Rep. David LeBouef (D-Worcester) registered a blood-alcohol reading of .329, more than four times the legal limit.
“These are the same people working to pass a multi-billion dollar state budget, and roughly an hour after adjournment, one of their members is that drunk?” Lyons said. The public has a right to know who this individual was with immediately after budget deliberations and what kind of culture is apparent on Beacon Hill.
“Enough is enough. We’re calling on Attorney General Maura Healey to launch an investigation.”
Police said they began receiving reports at 10:25 p.m. Tuesday from other drivers on Interstate 93 regarding LeBouef driving erratically. Tuesday’s House budget session ended at 8:59 p.m., according to the State House News Service.
Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered a front wheel missing from LeBouef’s SUV, along with nine empty nip bottles, one full can of wine, and one empty can of wine inside the vehicle.
Police apparently ended LeBouef’s field sobriety test “for safety reasons.”
“Who else was with Rep. LeBeouf when he decided it would be a good idea to get behind the wheel?” Lyons added. “Whose room was he hanging out in at the State House? Did he have time to visit any bars on Beacon Hill before driving off? State law requires the disclosure of this kind of information.”
Lyons also pointed out that in February, LeBeouf voted in lockstep with his Democratic colleagues to grant illegal aliens access to Massachusetts driver’s licenses.
He is scheduled to be arraigned today on drunk driving-related charges in Quincy District Court.
“We’re calling on the attorney general to do the right thing and launch a formal investigation,” Lyons said. “The public has a right to know who helped enable this individual to put people’s lives in danger.”