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Signature collection drives continue to sprout up all over Massachusetts, volunteers collecting at a fever pitch

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons commends efforts to force fall referendum giving voters opportunity to decide whether illegal immigrants should be entitled to driver’s licenses


July 20, 2022




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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on Wednesday said the enthusiasm surrounding efforts to secure enough signatures to prompt a fall referendum vote on whether to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants shows no signs of letting up.


Lyons also singled out collection drive organizers in Beverly, Hudson, and Tewksbury.


In Beverly, Lyons said Republican state Senate Candidate Damian Anketell has been a constant fixture outside grocery stores and shopping centers. Meanwhile, Lyons added that Republican State Committee member Evelyn Curley of North Andover is continuing to gather signatures at a “breakneck pace” at locations in and around Tewksbury, while volunteers in Hudson led by Acton Republican Town Committee Chairman Dave Lunger and Sudbury Republican Town Committee Chairwoman Dottie Bisson have also reported high amounts despite “organized opposition from far-left special interest groups and even elected officials trying to shut them down.”


“The clock is still ticking but we are witnessing more and more enthusiasm from the public every day we’re out there,” Lyons said. “But we cannot let up one bit.


“The last thing the Democrats want is for the public to be able to weigh in on this issue, because they know it will drive more people to the polls in November. They know they passed a law unpopular with the majority of voters, and are afraid to have to answer to them.”


The deadline to submit the state’s required threshold of at least 40,000 signatures from registered voters is Aug. 24. Lyons said he and other signature collectors have encountered leftist opposition during their standouts, and pointed again to state civil rights laws barring any interference.


“This is something that the public has every right to decide on, and that’s what has the Democrats so panicked,” Lyons said. “But we cannot let up, we cannot stop, and we cannot allow them to intimidate us.


“Every hour of every day between now and Aug. 24 is valuable to us.”


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