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Senate Democrats fall in line, vote to reward illegal aliens with Massachusetts driver’s licenses

May 6, 2022
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WOBURN — Senate Democrats voted in lockstep with their House counterparts this week in favor of legislation that will reward illegal aliens with state driver’s licenses, a move Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said will only exacerbate the problems associated with illegal immigration.
“They voted to incentivize breaking the law, it’s just that simple,” Lyons pointed out while also noting that the Democrats dismissed an amendment requiring the Registry of Motors Vehicles to disclose identity information to town and city clerks investigating voter fraud allegations. “This will only encourage even more illegal immigration.
“Massachusetts citizens are suffering from the worst era of inflation in more than 40 years and giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses is somehow the Democrats’ top priority.”
Thursday’s 32-8 vote, like the House’s 120-36 decision in February, signals that the final legislation will be veto-proof.
“Here we have yet another instance where the radical left is marching the citizens of Massachusetts over the cliff,” Lyons said. “They’re refusing to give them any tax breaks, and instead are busy handing out driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and voting against efforts to give citizens any relief at the gas pump.”