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Radical Democrats’ newest obsession? Turning Massachusetts into California

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WOBURN — On Thursday, radical Senate Democrats scrambled to pass extreme and authoritarian climate legislation that seeks to drastically change how hard-working Massachusetts taxpayers live, work, and commute.

Here’s what’s in store if this trio of bills is approved by the House: California-style regulations will become the norm, meaning mandatory low-flow showerheads, in addition to slapping new taxes and fees on any and all uses of natural gas and oil. 

Per Lexington Sen. Michael Barrett:

“We follow California.” 

Meanwhile, Californians are fleeing their home state at record numbers

The rhetoric from radical Senate Democrats on display Thursday was “absolutely insane,” said Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons. 

Taunton Democratic Sen. Marc Pacheco, another major backer of this legislation, equated non-passage of the bill to garage-induced suicide.

“Would you drive into your garage with your engine running with the exhaust coming out your tailpipe and close the door and dare to stay inside that garage?” Pacheco said from the Senate floor. “We are inside a big garage. The world is in a big garage.” 

Massachusetts currently contributes 1.2 percent of the United States’ carbon emissions, and 0.12 percent of global carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, Winchester Democratic Senator Jason Lewis later said what every other Democrat was thinking:

“In recent years we have ceded that standard to places like California,” Lewis said. “Hopefully we can regain our leadership by passing this.”

Lyons said the Democrats’ obsession with California is dangerous yet predictable.

“Virtue-signaling was obviously in high-demand on Thursday,” Lyons said. “And here’s the dirty little secret about these radical new standards they’re after — these lawmakers, with their big pay raises, won’t be affected.

“It will be the hard-working Massachusetts taxpayer that will get stiffed again, all so these Democrats can to brag to each other they’re saving the world at their next cocktail party.” 

Efforts by Republican Minority Leader Bruce Tarr to provide transparency to ratepayers, and provide them with estimates on various costs, was predictably stymied by Senate Democrats.

Democrats also dismissed another amendment submitted by Tarr that called for at least one ratepayer to serve on the new $5 million Climate Policy Commission

“There are a whole lot of people on this commission, but what it also ought to be is a couple of folks of people who stand in the shoes of people who are paying the bills,” Tarr said.

Said Lyons:

“The last thing any of these Democrats want is to have members of the public involved and aware of their newest bureaucracy.”