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Outgoing OCPF Director Michael Sullivan has never made a criminal referral to Attorney General Maura Healey

Here’s a few Democrats he missed. Should the AG be investigating OCPF instead?

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WOBURN — According to news reports, retiring Office of Campaign Finance Director Michael Sullivan continues to hold the threat of making criminal referrals to Attorney General Maura Healey over the heads of two successful Worcester County Republicans.

If Sullivan does, it will mark his first criminal referral of an elected official in almost a decade, and first-ever official referral to Healey.

Meanwhile, records show that Democrats have been under federal and state investigations for campaign finance violations multiple times, with zero referrals made by the taxpayer-funded state agency whose sole directive is to monitor campaign finance activities.

  • In February, Democratic state Rep. David Nangle pleaded guilty in federal court to using campaign funds beginning in 2014 to pay for gambling debts and even a golf club membership. Records show OCPF never made a single referral regarding Nangle’s pattern of campaign finance abuse, which federal investigators determined had been going on for at least six years.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons suggested Tuesday that a more relevant task for the attorney general would be to investigate OCPF’s “blatant failure to investigate the pattern of alleged criminal campaign activity involving prominent Massachusetts Democrats that somehow was missed under Sullivan’s leadership.”

“It should be crystal-clear to anyone paying any attention at all that OCPF, under Director Sullivan, never acted on what we now know were campaign finance activity that eventually led to the filing of criminal complaints by federal authorities,” Lyons said. “And now, Sullivan is actively working to refer a campaign finance matter to Attorney General Healey involving two successful Republicans who followed the letter of the law, and made the same type of donations to political committees that Democrats have been making for generations.

“This is a classic case where the investigators should be the ones being investigated.”