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MassGOP State Committee elects Jay Fleitman as vice chairman


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WOBURN — Members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee elected Hampshire, Franklin, and Worcester State Committeeman Jay Fleitman to the post of vice chairman Wednesday night, edging Middlesex & Worcester State Committeewoman Sue Dunnell.

Dunnell, however, was named to lead the Convention Rules Committee. The Spring 2022 MassGOP convention will be held at the MassMutual Center in Springfield on May 20 and May 21.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons thanked Dunnell for seeking the vice chairmanship, and said Fleitman (see photo above) is an ideal choice to help lead and represent the state party.

“Jay (Fleitman) is a tireless advocate for our core Republican principles,” Lyons said, adding that it was Fleitman who spearheaded last spring’s anti-censorship awareness campaign.

Fleitman succeeds First Norfolk & Middlesex State Committeeman Tom Mountain, who resigned from the post this past summer.

Mountain, who was accused by several state committee representatives of lobbying a Republican town committee to withhold donations from the party, was subject to a censure vote during Wednesday’s meeting for “repeatedly engaging in activities designed to hurt (the party’s) fundraising and recruitment efforts,” “postings on social media designed to objectify young women,” and “attacking a colleague for her religious beliefs.”
Members ultimately voted against the resolution to censure Mountain. A full tally of the vote is included below.

Meanwhile, members passed a resolution introduced by First Middlesex State Committeeman Dennis Galvin calling for President Joe Biden’s resignation, citing the commander-in-chief’s failures, including the crisis at the Mexican border, the botched pullout from Afghanistan, and the authoritarian vaccine mandate related to private businesses.

Wednesday night’s vote total regarding Mountain’s censure were 22 members in support of censure, 13 members abstaining from voting on censure, and 35 members opposed to censure.

YEAS (in support of censure)
Rob Aufiero, Steve Aylward, Marie Bergeron, Amy Carnevale, Evelyn Curley, Geoff Diehl, Deborah Dugan, Steve Fruzzetti, Dennis Galvin, Brian Genest, Eleanor Greene, Kathleen Lynch, Deborah Martell, James McMahon, Brendan O’Connell, Amanda Orlando, Lynne Roberts, Sid Starks, Todd Taylor, Regina Taylor, Linda Vacon, Anthony Ventresca

ABSTAIN (declined to vote on whether to censure)
Frank Ardinger, Richard Baker, KathyJo Boss, Ryan Chamberland, Angela Davis, James Dixon, Joyce Kelly, Colleen Maloney, Laurie Myers, Paul Ronukaitus, Kathleen Sullivan-Moran, Shaun Toohey, Mark Townsend

NAYS (in opposition to censure)
Robin Almgren, Jay Barrows, Nathan Bech, Richard Berrena, Brian Burke, Mike Case, David Collins, Brock Cordeiro, Jaclyn Corriveau, Will Crocker, Judy Crocker, Patrick Crowley, Jennifer Cunningham, Shawn Dooley, Susan Dunnell, Janet Fogarty, Paul Frost, Susan Huffman, Helen Hatch, Janet Leombruno, Thomas Maloney, John McCarthy, Mindy McKenzie, John Miller, Tom Mountain, Kimberly Palmer, Maura Ryan-Ciardiello, Patricia Saint Aubin, Matthew Sisk, Susan Smiley, Kristina Spillane, Patrick Stanton, Jill Ussach, Michael Valanzola, Lindsay Valanzola