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MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: “Do not believe a word that AG Maura Healey says about tax relief.”

August 3, 2022




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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons on Tuesday called out Attorney General Maura Healey, the Democrats’ radical nominee for governor, for claiming to be on the side of taxpayers “when all evidence points to the contrary.”


Healey on Monday drew headlines for apparently criticizing Beacon Hill’s all-Democrat leadership team for not only failing to push forward tax relief measures, but also for dragging their feet on a law that will trigger a potential windfall to taxpayers in response to projected excess revenue.


“Maura Healey’s lame attempt to portray herself as being separate from the Beacon Hill’s Democrat establishment is an attention-grab and its absolutely disingenuous,” Lyons said. “She is someone who promised in April that if elected governor she would push for reinstatement of the Transportation Climate Initiative tax, a regressive proposal that would cripple family fuel budgets once and for all.”


“Do not believe a single word that Maura Healey says. This is the same individual who has never been held to account for cheering on the Radical Left’s 2020 summer of rioting and destruction, who has openly supported a punishing graduated income surtax Democrats managed to add to the 2022 ballot that will further wreck middle class families.”


“The people of Massachusetts recognize that Maura Healey is the very definition of a hypocrite. She has never once voiced support for lowering taxes and like every other Democrat in Massachusetts, she is a great pretender during an election year and will say anything to assume more power and control.”