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MassGOP Calls Out Senate Democrats’ Budget Mismanagement Amid MBTA Financial Woes

MassGOP Calls Out Senate Democrats’ Budget Mismanagement Amid MBTA Financial Woes

May 8, 2024


Boston– Yesterday, Senate Democrats unveiled their budget proposal, mirroring the extravagant spending tendencies of The Healey-Driscoll Administration and the House’s budget proposals. Glaringly absent from all three budget proposals is any acknowledgment of the dire $600 million operating deficit forecasted for the MBTA in the forthcoming fiscal year. Instead of addressing this pressing issue, the Senate Democrats’ budget prioritizes frivolous expenditures, such as allocating $117.5 million annually for “free” community college, $120 million for “free” regional transit authority rides, and a staggering $500 million for the migrant crisis, all while the MBTA’s financial state continues to plummet.


MassGOP Chair, Amy Carnevale, provided comment on the budget proposal stating, “The Democratic supermajority has been outspoken about funding the MBTA; however, as is often the case, their actions contradict their rhetoric. Rather than prioritizing essential funding, they have opted for a reckless approach. Their decision to sideline the MBTA’s budget gap in pursuit of lofty initiatives, is egregiously irresponsible.”


“It’s a classic example of the Democratic supermajority favoring political pandering over the real needs of the Commonwealth. Their budget proposals ignore critical funding to vital services. It’s crucial that we allocate our budget sensibly, ensuring that we first address essential infrastructure, like the MBTA’s budget gap, before considering any grandiose ventures,” Carnevale concluded.