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Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren shows her anti-Israel colors

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WOBURN — The Massachusetts Republican Jewish Committee, along with the Massachusetts Republican Party, on Friday issued the following statement regarding Democratic Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to end American military aid to Israel.

Like the Democrat Party which she serves, Senator Warren has once again demonstrated that she is no friend of Israel. She has publicly called for the Biden Administration to cut military aid to Israel unless it complies with her demands. The senior Senator from Massachusetts called for ‘restricting military aid from being used in the occupied territories.’

This is a reference to the Israeli territories of Judea and Samaria, referred to in media circles as the West Bank. Senator Warren went on to raise false claims of the ‘suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation.’

She even accused Israel of the blood libel that it is deliberately withholding COVID-19 vaccinations for Palestinian Arabs, in favor of the Jews.

That Senator Warren could make such scurrilous accusations against one of our closest allies is indeed troubling, and calls into question her motivation for singling out the lone Jewish state in the world.

It’s noticeable that the Senator is loath to utter even the slightest criticism of China or even North Korea. Her continued appeasement of Iran, which opening calls for the destruction of Israel, is equally troubling. The time has come for Massachusetts voters to demand that Elizabeth Warren be held to account for her open hostility to Israel.

Tom Mountain and Marty Lamb
Massachusetts Republican Jewish Committee
Massachusetts Republican Party