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Democrats’ submission tactics flourishing on Beacon Hill

“This coercion would be expected in communist China, but not in the birthplace of American freedom.” – Billerica Republican state Rep. Marc Lombardo

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BOSTON — The Democrats’ practice of shaming anyone hesitant to submit to a COVID-19 vaccine shot reached a fever pitch Thursday when Beacon Hill state representatives pushed for an amendment that would strip members of access to legislative staff as punishment for being unvaccinated.

As part of the State House’s vaccine mandate order, Democrats also lobbied for an additional amendment that would hit House members with an ethics violation if they returned to work at the State House without first receiving “their full vaccination against COVID-19.”

Both amendments were rolled into a new House order requiring all staff and members submit to the vaccine and mask up in order to enter the building.

House Republicans spoke out against the measure.

“The hypocrisy of the Democrats was on full display last night as they lectured us on their virtues while simultaneously playing the victim, all the while posing pictures of themselves on social media posing with crowds of unmasked people,” said Spencer Republican state Rep. Peter Durant Friday morning. “The message was clear: you must comply or else, but we’ll do whatever we want.”

Billerica Republican state Rep. Marc Lombardo said the mandate order and subsequent threats of punishment was more indicative of a totalitarian regime than a constitutional republic.

“Elected representatives, provide proof of vaccination or be banned from coming into your office or the chamber, fail to comply, and you will lose your office staff,” he said. “This coercion would be expected in communist China, but not in the birthplace of American freedom.”

Massachusetts Republican Party Jim Lyons praised Durant, Lombardo, and other Republicans who spoke out for sticking to fundamental American principles.

“We’re refusing to live in a totalitarian state, despite the Democrats’ wishes,” Lyons said. “It’s telling to me that the one public building in Massachusetts they have the most control over is still the one public building that remains 100% sealed off from the public.”