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Democrats running for governor more interested in “out-woking each other than outworking each other”

Healey’s latest pitch to voters: “I’m no moderate!”

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WOBURN — Make that three uber-leftists in the running to be the Democrats’ nominee for governor.

“I am a proud progressive and I am incredibly proud of my record,” Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said earlier this week during a radio interview.

Healey is fighting to be mentioned in the same far-left breath as two other Dem gubernatorial hopefuls, Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons pointed out Friday. Lyons noted that while one candidate is running on a promise to end prosecution for drug crimes, another candidate is most known for defending her campaign staffer’s decision to dress up in anti-police attire.

“These three Democrat Party candidates are more concerned with out-woking each other than they are with outworking each other,” Lyons said. “Voters want to know that their communities are safe, that their livelihoods are protected, and that their children will not be subjected to the far-left’s indoctrination when they’re not being subjected to being barred from in-person schooling.

“I can guarantee you the exact opposite will happen if any of these three wind up in the governor’s office.”

Lyons also referenced a social media post Healey recently made in which she claimed to be running “a campaign that brings people together rather than further dividing us.”

“She cannot be serious,” Lyons said. “The attorney general who watched downtown Boston being looted while police cars burned in the street and gleefully compared that mayhem to forest fires and the cycle of regrowth now claims to be uniting us.

“Her complete lack of self-awareness and penchant for celebrating mob rule is a toxic combination. Thankfully, voters will have another choice come November.”