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Ahead of first gubernatorial debate, voters deserve explanation from Democrat Maura Healey over her boast about shutting down key pipelines

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons: “Energy bills are projected to soar to record highs, and voters deserve an honest explanation.”


Oct. 12, 2022




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WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Wednesday that Attorney General Maura Healey, the Democrats’ top choice for governor, owes it to voters to explain her boasts about shutting down several key pipeline projects as energy costs are headed for a massive spike this winter.


“She bragged about personally stopping two natural gas pipeline projects and now Massachusetts is projected to experience the highest electricity and heating rate hikes in generations,” Lyons said. “Tonight voters deserve answers.”


Lyons also called into question Healey’s reliance on a Barr Foundation-funded study which claimed in 2015 that canceling future pipeline projects would have little to no effect on rates despite the fact more than two-thirds of Massachusetts’ energy production is reliant on natural gas. He added that the Barr Foundation, the state’s wealthiest privately-funded special interest group with a record for doling out high-dollar grants almost exclusively to left-wing pursuits, maintains a cozy relationship with Healey.


“The only pipeline Healey supports in Massachusetts is the one running between her campaign and the Barr Foundation’s left-wing donors,” Lyons said. “That does nothing for Massachusetts families.”


He added:


“Maura Healey said it herself, as voters can see and hear in our newest advertisement: ‘Remember, I stopped two gas pipelines from coming into this state. Now her handiwork as attorney general is forecasted to punish family and small business energy budgets like no one has ever seen.”


Lyons noted that at the time, the Boston Globe described Healey and the Democrats as “winners” following the release of the Barr Foundation-funded study results.


“Healey’s office represents the ratepayers and came out with a study last fall asserting that the region over the next 15 years does not need new interstate natural gas pipeline capacity,” the newspaper reported in 2016. “Instead, Massachusetts could meet its additional energy needs through efficiency and demand response programs.”


“Maura Healey and the Democrats have spent years catering to the radical progressives and their ‘green new deal’ political pursuits, and all of virtue-signaling in the world won’t help Massachusetts families pay their bills,” said Lyons. “Maura Healey bragged about shutting down a clean source of energy that heats homes and keeps the lights on, and tonight she owes the voters an explanation.”


“Again, I am asking people to share this video clip far and wide and demand answers from the Democrats and Maura Healey, who have prioritized radical progressive politics over the ability of Massachusetts families to afford to pay their energy bills, because this winter is projected to be a devastating indictment of their agenda.”